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Powers that be let South Siders down


August 17, 2010

Frank Mauro's "What is the historic importance of the Bluestone building" was the best letter to the editor I've read in The Reporter in years because he is absolutely right and spotlights what we all want on the South Side: another supermarket.

So far the powers that be have let us down. Giant Eagle has a monopoly. It needs some healthy competition. We live in America not North Korea. Don't let the Bluestone building stand in the way of an Aldi Market.

As Mr. Mauro pointed out: the Bluestone building is supposedly historic and the J&L mill complex where SouthSide Works sits wasn't. What a joke. The only thing historic about the Bluestone building to me is the marble soda fountain. And that can be removed.

Years ago we were promised a supermarket at SouthSide Works, but instead we still have a surface parking lot on the corner of South 26th and Sidney streets. In fact, many visitors don't even know what SouthSide Works means.

They don't know that J&L Corp. once had a vast steel mill complex there. That it was instrumental in helping with the war effort and in building our country's infrastructure. There is a generic small steel exhibit in Tunnel Park that few see. And fewer yet see the mill model by the Hot Metal Bridge.

There isn't even a state historic marker near SouthSide Works! What an insult to the thousands of men and women who worked there all those years.

There should be a large bronze statue of a steelworker near that squirting water fountain in front of The Cheesecake Factory. And there should be a supermarket where the Bluestone building now stands. It's what the people want. It's what they need.

If SouthSide Works couldn't get the job done, then thanks to Burns & Scalo, Aldi Market can. Roadblocks from the Historic Review Commission are unwelcome.

John Shatlan

South Side


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