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Frank was right


August 17, 2010

I agree with Frank Mauro (What is the historic importance of the Bluestone building, Aug. 10, 2010) who wrote about how the faithful residents living on the South Side have been abused.

The majority of store owners and people who shop, drink and trash the neighborhood do not even live on South Side.

Where are the family restaurants like King's, Eat & Park and Bob Evans? With all the senior citizens living on South Side, they could enjoy affordable breakfasts and so could families. Instead, we have bars, expensive stores and very expensive restaurants.

We do need another grocery store, and why not a K-Mart or Walmart?

The so called leaders of South Side have made our once quiet, safe and clean neighborhood nothing but a high class slum area.

How sad to see a neighborhood with historic history, clean streets and safe living become the joke of the city.

Carol Schmidt

South Side


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