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What is the historic importance of the Bluestone building


August 10, 2010

I would like to add my two cents in on the Aldi's Market proposed for the South Side.

Are you kidding me? The old Bluestone building on the corner of 27th and Carson is of historic value? How much more historic value is it than J&L Steel was and they tore it down Or the old South Side Hospital, we have a parking lot there.

And, as of SouthSide Works, what is really there that benefits the people of South Side? A lot of high priced stores,four parking garages, soon to be five, four office buildings, and a hotel. Oh, there is SouthSide Works Cinema, which is good, and a lot of places to eat.

I am just wondering if you did a survey down at SouthSide Works and ask every on you see shopping where do they live I can almost bet it won't be on South Side. Even most of the people who work in the whole complex probable do not even live on the South Side.

I do remember going to meetings before SouthSide Works was built; we were told we will build what the people of South Side want. I ask is this what we wanted?

Most of South Side is made up of senior citizens and part time residents (college students) and I'm sure the seniors can't afford to shop there. I just ask why can't we get another supermarket on South Side?

We Can't keep adding new housing on the South Side and not another grocery store. There are three large empty lots on the SouthSide Works site, why can't we get a Walgreens or Trader Joe's or even a CVS there. I think this is what the people of South Side would want.

Frank Mauro

South Side


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