Real Estate transactions for issue of 11/24/09


16th Ward

Federal National Mortgage Assn. to Jason Tavenner at 2519 Leticoe St. for $26,000.

Halcon Properties LLC to 220 Rothman St. L.P. at 220 Rothman St. for $36,500.

Alice Kokowski et al. to IHHWT LLC at 2312 Wellington St. for $4,194.

17th Ward

Empower Group LLC to Julie Penshorn at 2428 18th St. S and 152 St. Paul St. for $8,000.

Beth Ann Sturm to Kim Eng Hong at 1703 E. Carson St. for $657,500.

Stylianos Dokianakis to James and Dianne Anderson at 14 S. 17th St. for $405,000.

Southside River Development LLC to PWA 10th Street Development L.P. at 305 S. Ninth St. for $800,000.

18th Ward

US Bank NA trustee to Mabruk Eshnuk at 73 Beltzhoover Ave. for $7,500.

Federal National Mortgage Assn. to RealHoldings LLC at 82 Climax St. for $2,695.

Keith Regrets to Matthew Bizzack at 112 Laclede St. for $60,000.

Robert Culshaw to Alex Dell at 818 Loyal Way for $17,000.

Pittsburgh City to Brandon Colella at 66 Pasadena St. for $2,500.

Julie Meeks to Bryce and Krista Jacobson at 42 Windom Hill Place for $590,000.

19th Ward

Jared Mains to Greg Ernzer at 223 Edith St. for $80,000.

US Bank NA trustee to Kee One Properties LLC at 23 Marne Way for $10,700.

Gregory Ewing to Jeremiah Waters and Breanne Kerestes at 636 Mindora St. for $58,500.

Dorothy Zarvis to Gregory Barr at 199 Southern Ave. for $18,000.

DiCesare Investment Gorup Inc. to Gatehouse Station Square L.P. at 100 W Carson St. and Smithfield St. for $1,650,000.

29th Ward

US Bank NA trustee to Stonecrest Income & Opportunity Fund 1 L at 206 Alries St. for $5,068.

Bank New York Mellon trustee to Adam Hinderliter at 2237 Brownsville Road for $41,000.

Kenneth Saline to Bank America NA trustee at 242 Nobles Lane for $2,694 by sheriff's deed.

30th Ward

Federal National Mortgage Assn. to Marta Leong at 102 Romeyn St. for $3,000.

Mt. Oliver

Federal National Mortgage Assn. to Bob Coccaro Properties LLC at 254 Church Ave. for $15,500.

Jeffrey Koch to Citibank NA trustee at 310 Rustic St. for $1,665 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $31,320) by sheriff's deed.


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