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A NID would be just another layer of bureaucracy


August 11, 2009

We already support too many layers of bureaucracy on our limited income. The Federal, State, County, City, and School Board are but a few add to those the various boards and authorities it's simply too much.

We have nearly, if not the highest number of, state legislators per citizen ratio and nothing gets done. The county and city have far too many representatives per capita.

We can't afford another layer of bureaucracy which is what the Neighborhood Improvement District (NID) happens to be. 

Seems we can't get anything done right as it is now. Why support yet another bunch of bureaucrats to sit around and dream up costly projects that will not really have our individual interests at heart?

I think City Councilman Bruce Kraus has been doing a pretty good job and I can't see the need for another representative to be supported by our taxes (fees or whatever you wish to call it). I think the sheer number of people "representing" us is overwhelming our individual budgets.

We simply can't afford more people sitting around desks getting hefty paychecks with little return on that investment. If anything we should work to cut the number of state legislators, senators, county reps to council as well as trimming back the number of city council members.

Times are tight and we are expected to trim our own budgets. I think it's time to layoff some bureaucrats. Main Street folks need to bite the bullet and quit trying to scam us out of more of our limited funds; their funding ceased so they are unemployed like so many of the rest of us. I'm tired of carrying so many not so productive bureaucrats.

Paul McCarthy

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