The dogs are better behaved


August 4, 2009

Speaking of well-behaved animals at Armstrong Park, how about the un-behaved animals (patrons) of a bar directly across the street from Carson Towers?

At closing, 2 a.m., they scream, yell, use fowl language and hang around afterwards still shouting outside our windows while standing by their vehicles with car stereos blasting instead of heading home.

Also, a drum-beating continuously until 2 a.m., especially on long summer nights, can send me up the wall trying to regain sleep. I've spoken (complained) and written a few memos to our (so-far) commendable newly elected District 3 councilman, but to no avail – he's been very distant!

The bar/restaurant two doors away on the corner doesn't help, with the constant revving of motorcycle patrons when coming and leaving. It's complete madness! We as senior citizens have paid our dues in life and deserve respect; as we do when voting at the polls at election time.

Our valued "Susside" is going to the dogs too! Is City Hall becoming another Armstrong Park – unleashed? Multi licensed bars, like fleas, devouring our once amiable strip called Carson Street. Not a continuous "festival Alley" of nightmares, destruction and obstruction. What a lease on life?

When I handed the mayor a note about this issue at his re-election rally at Carson Towers he handed it to his chief cohort, who put it in his pocket. Haven't heard anything since.

George Daransky

South Side


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