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Panel discussion on affects of South Side's ‘Entertainment District'


Approximately one-mile along the Monongahela River's south bank, the South Side Flats neighborhood extends from the old-guard to the avant-garde.

It is steeped in history, shaped by commerce, and tooled by tradition. Laid out by 18th century immigrants and fueled by 20th century labor, the South Side Flats is undergoing a 21st century urban renaissance. East Carson Street is both a national gem of a historic Main Street that has become the city's most dynamic and eclectic street.

Lined from 10th Street to Hot Metal Street with interesting shopping, innovating dining, and intoxicating entertainment, South Side offers plenty to explore. More than 14,000 people have their homes or apartments in the Flats and Slopes, and it is one of the most comfortable and safest neighborhoods in the city.

But how should those who reside in the neighborhood manage their quality of life and deal with code enforcement and policing challenges in a Hospitality Zone? What is the appropriate "balance" between the day time and night time economies to strengthen the neighborhood and enrich the quality of life of those who reside here? South Side Community Council will hold a panel discussion on the topic on Monday, June 29, 7:00 p.m. at the Brashear Center, 2005 Sarah Street.

More than 20,000 additional persons participate in South Side life from 8:30 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. approximately 125 days per year. The most desired destinations are situated within easy walking distance, and movement around East Carson Street can be described as "compact." As in any dense community, human interactions can quickly impact people you know and many others who just happen to be in the same neighborhood at that time.

The four panelists will present some ideas to implement based upon lessons learned from "hospitality zones" elsewhere.

The panelists: Thom Barry, South Side businessman and bar owner; Geof Comings, South Side LDC manager of business development; Wanda Jankoski, South Side resident; and Bruce Kraus, District 3 City Council representative, all attended the Responsible Hospitality Institute Conference in San Francisco in November 2008.

Beverages and pizza will be provided at the end of the meeting to encourage small group discussions about the topics.


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