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Appraisal Fair in Beechview


Appraisal Fair is coming to the Beechview Library, 1910 Broadway Avenue, on Tuesday, June 16 from 6-9 p.m.

Participants will include:

Robert O. Stakeley is an archivist with a wide range of expertise especially in photographs, documents and sports memorabilia.

Edie's Glassware will bring years of experience to the library. Edie is extremely knowledgeable in Depression glass, elegant glass, kitchen glass and pottery.

Ken Kroft or Eide's Entertainment will bring his 37 years in business. His knowledge of comic books, pulps, non-sports cards, character toys, record albums and 45's is overwhelming.

Blaine Shiff is better known as When the media needs information on coins, currency, stamps and precious metals they frequently go to Mr. Shiff.

Richard Seewald is the owner of South Bank Galleries. His 30-plus years in business will bring his expertise in antiques and art.

Anthony Luppino is one half of Luppino Brothers. Mr. Luppino has been involved in numerous events and he has a tremendous amount of knowledge on jewelry, watches, clocks and crystal.

Verbal appraisals from the experts will be provided for information purposes only they are not are not for insurance purposes. Friends of the Beechview Library request that those bringing items for appraisal do not bring large items such as furniture, cars, etc.

For their donated services Friends of the Beechview Library will charge a fee of $5 for each item with a limit of three items. The fees will be accepted at the front entrance of the library. Friends of the Beechview Library members will receive a discount of $1 for each item.

For questions please contact George Wazenegger at 412-341-0406


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