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By Margaret Smyka
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Boro seeks funding to demolish six buildings


April 28, 2009

Details of "Cruisin' on the Hilltop," was one of the stories to emerge from the April 20 meeting of Mount Oliver Council.

The event, which includes a sidewalk sale, informational booths, car cruises, and oldies band will be held on Sat., July 25, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The 100 block of Brownsville Rd. will be closed to the clock.

It is being sponsored by the Hilltop Economic Development Corporation.

The fee to set up tables will be $25.

In the report of Mayor Jeff Repasky which began the meeting, council accepted the resignation of police Officer Patrick J. O'Brien, whose last day was March 27.

"He was a fine officer, and we wish him the best. It was good to have him when we did," said Mr. Repasky.

He also reported that a thank-you card was received from the county for the borough's participation in the Mister Rogers Neighborhood Sweater Drive.

A thank-you card was also sent by a resident commending street commissioner Ron Smith. The resident flagged Mr. Smith down, and Mr. Smith immediately aided the resident with their problem.

In the engineer's report, Ruthann Omer said she expects the sewer defect corrections to be completed by May 1.

The borough has 10 street trees through TreeVitalize, a joint project of the county, city, state Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources, and the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy. The trees will be planted in the spring.

Council then voted 6-0, with Councilman Dennis Obeldobel absent, to join with the other SHACOG communities to purchase a sewer camera machine for use in maintenance of the consent order.

The $6,000 cost to Mount Oliver would come from the sewer fund in 2010 as a budgeted item.

Council also voted 6-0 to submit a grant for funding for demolitions at: 511 Brownsville, 131 Koehler, 1782 Arlington, 128 Ormsby, 125 Freemont, 195 Penn, and 115 Ormsby.

In the public safety report, Patrick Malloy said 773 calls were answered last month, and police vehicles logged 7,160 miles. There were three drug arrests, and one DUI.

Maintenance costs on the seven police vehicles were $3,900.

Also, in the fire report, Mr. Malloy said the fire department responded quickly to 11 incidents, and there were no problems.

Code enforcement officer Tom Plietz said he is still dealing with ice and snow sidewalk citations. As a last resort, he is taking non-payers to the district judge, where the $50 citation becomes a $1,000 fee.

It was also announced that the basketball hoops will be put up shortly in Ormsby Park.

Councilwoman Billie Michener said Waste Management, the refuse hauler, is working on the billing now, with residents due to get their January through June bill for $62.40 on April 24. Thereafter, the bills will be sent quarterly, with the next one for $31.20 for July 1 through September.

The cost is $9.65 per month, with a seventy-five cents Waste Management fee.

Any property owner with four or more units must call Waste Management at 1-800-866-4460 to set up own billing. Otherwise, the trash will not be picked up.

In other news, the borough paid TruGreen $400 for two sprayings this year at Transverse Field for weeds and fertilization.

Ms. Michener said she is still collecting back taxes. Delinquents owing money will have their names published in The South Pittsburgh Reporter.

She called Mount Oliver's Earth Day clean-up on Sat., April 18, from 9 a.m. to noon, a "great day." There were 13 to 16 volunteers from ages 8 to 76 years.

The workers cleaned Wagner to Mountain to Walter up to Ormsby Ave. That was followed by Bausman and Amanda by the Triangle Bar, thru the Mount Oliver business district. Stamm and Locust followed.

Donuts were donated by Kullman's Bakery, drinks by Pete's Beer Dist., and clean-up supplies by Miller Hardware.

The effort received no bags or gloves from the county, nor any cooperation from the city. The latter is especially frustrating as the area opposite the clock tower is all city, but it falls on the borough to clean as the city never does so.

"No one wants to help Mount Oliver," she said.

Earth Day is an annual event. "If you take pride in your city get out here and help on Earth Day to pick up litter," said Ms. Michener.

On a related note, ordinance officer Steve Wilharm said he received complaints from neighbors about lots of trash on Carl St., but no one would pick it up.

The next Hilltop economic development meeting will be on April 30 at 6:30 p.m. in the Elder-ado senior center on Brownsville Rd. Everyone is welcome.

The meeting concluded with Mr. Plietz reminding everyone as the nice weather approaches that open pit burning fires are permitted by the county if regulations are followed.

Open burning is allowed if the distance from any structure is 50 feet and provisions are made to prevent the spread of fire within 50 feet of any structure. The approved containers shall not be less than 15 feet, and shall be a minimum of 25 feet where pile is 3 feet in diameter and 2 feet in height or less.

The fire must be constantly attended until it is extinguished.

Copies of the county code are available at the borough building.

The next council meeting will be on May 18.


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