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ACORN bus tour for health care


April 21, 2009

Pittsburgh community members from several groups filled a bus last week, at 5907 Penn Avenue in front of the ACORN office, to meet with Beaver County Residents about their health care concerns in today's economy. The ACORN Bus trips are touring all of Western PA to discuss affordable health care for all Americans.

Nettie Pelton from the Beltzhoover Community went on the bus trip. Ms. Pelton has several health problems, including asthma, and a heart condition called congestive heart failure and a respiratory problems. She was forced to retire due to health care problems, and her work related health care from HealthAmerica only covered her for a year after leaving work.

She now has some health coverage from Medicare, but still has a $4,000 hospital bill and keeps getting billed for her health care needs.

As President of the South Hilltop ACORN Chapter, she has gone to Washington DC and Harrisburg to help save the homes of families in foreclosure, fight for more LiHeap funds to help low income families with utility bills, and much more.

Members of ACORN say that the current healthcare system, basically run by private insurance agencies, is not working to insure Americans adequately. For instance, at one of the areas major health insurance companies, if you were a 79 year old man who did not smoke, but had won a previous battle with cancer, your health insurance would cost over $4,000.00 per month.

That's why Ms. Pelton is taking action. She supports the Health Care for America Now principles for reform and represented the South Hilltop Community on this first bus trip for health care. Those who would like to be on the next trip, should call 412 441-6551 and sign up for ACORN's new health care alerts system.


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