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Get the jerks on film


March 17, 2009

After reading "A stupid act of vandalism" in the March 10, 2009 issue of The South Pittsburgh Reporter, I just wonder if any of those jerks vandalizing, urinating and etc. ever thought how they would feel if this was being done to their property. Probably not.

This kind of stuff is unforgivable. I don't know how this can be stopped, but I have one idea. Put up cameras and catch some of this stuff on film. Print pictures of any faces that can be seen and plaster them all over South Side. Actually you don't always have to have faces, people recognize hats and more.

I live in the quieter end of South Side, except for high school football season, so I don't experience all the crazy goings on that go on elsewhere in the Flats. South Siders have too much pride to be doing such nonsense.

Good luck to all who want (and have the right) to do things to dress up their places and maybe the jerks will pick up a copy of The Reporter and read about the sadness they cause and they will stop. Wouldn't that be super? One can only hope, here's to dreams coming true.

Marion Kiefer

South Side


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