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Admission to Science Center with preserved snow balls


February 3, 2009

The snow has finally arrived, and there's a good reason to celebrate – free admission to Carnegie Science Center! Anyone who makes a snowball this winter and saves it in their freezer will receive a free general admission to the Science Center on the Summer Solstice, Sunday, June 21, 2009.

Every person who brings a snowball to Carnegie Science Center on June 21, the first day of summer, will receive a free general admission and have the opportunity to launch their snowball into the Ohio River via a giant slingshot or air cannon from aboard the USS Requin attack submarine.

Hundreds of snowballs survived the spring of 2008 in freezers throughout the region and beyond, making their way to Carnegie Science Center on the Summer Solstice and redeemed for free admission. Snowballs arrived at the Science Center in coolers, freezer bags, frosty coffee cans and plastic storage containers.

While packing snowballs, remember these snowy facts!

• Snow forms from tiny crystals in clouds. Snow is not frozen rain; that's called sleet.

• When tiny frozen crystals collide and stick together, they form snowflakes.

• Most snowflakes melt before reaching the ground.

• Because of the molecular structure of water, snowflakes are always hexagonal.

• No two snowflakes are identical.


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