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Arak and Mezze — Not on Carson Street


Last updated 11/9/2012 at 6:08pm

Yes, most people enjoying a dining experience of Middle Eastern food are able to order a drink of Arak to go along with their Mezze but that is not allowed here in South Side.

My husband and I recently dined at BaBa D's, our newest restaurant here in South Side. We were the only people in the beautiful remodeled dinning room. When we entered we saw a beautiful new bar that was empty.

It saddens me that some residents supported our city council's decision to not allow BaBa D's to serve alcohol at their restaurant. This place is not a college bar; it is not a night club. It is a restaurant where, I as a patron would like to have the decision to purchase an alcoholic drink with my meal.

To hell with that whole "free market" mumbo jumbo on which this country was founded!

I'm old enough to remember the South Side before all the bars and restaurants moved in. You know what was there? Nothing. And do you know what would be there if the bars and restaurants weren't? Nothing. People act like the bars and restaurants are taking up valuable storefronts that would otherwise be occupied by Bailey, Banks & Biddle or JC Penney. The bars and restaurants are taking up space that would otherwise be occupied by another tattoo parlor or perhaps a check cashing place. Give me a break.

I really do sympathize with those who have had destruction to their properties by intoxicated individuals. But unlike 20 years ago, the long-time residents of the South Side are now able to sell their 800 square feet, wood frame, Insulbrick-clad homes with party walls and no off-street parking for $200,000.

And why have property values in the South Side skyrocketed in recent years? It couldn't be due to all of the bars and restaurants there that make it attractive to young couples looking for a hip place to live who are willing and able to shell out $200K, now could it?

I can imagine the financial disappointments Dourid Aboud and his family will suffer from our council's decision. I hope that members of our community welcome his family into our neighborhood by patronizing their restaurant.

Mr. Aboud's family put money into our neighborhood by remodeling 2126 E. Carson Street and we slapped them in the face as a thank you. I hope everyone that was against them serving alcohol fills their seats with gratitude because they have what they wanted - a place they can eat and not drink.

As our councilman who represents us said on December 17, 2008, "Why in God's name do we need another alcohol license?"(Post-Gazette, Dec. 18, 2008)

I hope when you dine at BaBa D's you turn down your complimentary glass of wine with your Sheikhei Mihshee, because why in God's name would you want a nice glass of wine to enjoy during or after your meal in a beautiful quiet atmosphere in front of the fireplaces?

Sherri Lynn Dunik

South Side


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