Carrick didn't get its fair share of CDBG funding


January 13, 2009

Upon reading the allocations by our councilmen to neighborhood organizations (South Pittsburgh Reporter, January 6, 2009), it strikes me that Councilman Kraus has been very fair and equitable with all of the communities in his district.

On the other hand, Councilman Motznik has chosen to give all of the CDGB money to organizations in Brookline and Mount Washington. He appears to have forgotten that included in District 4 are the communities of Carrick, Overbrook and Bon Air. Brookline Meals on Wheels gets $10,000; Carrick Meals on Wheels gets nothing!

The residents on this side of the highway have just as many needs as those in Brookline. Or, could it be that Councilman Motznik is only interested in ingratiating himself with the people who will be voting for him when he runs for the District Justice seat which does not include Carrick, Overbrook and Bon Air so we no longer matter?

As a sitting councilman, he should be thinking about the communities he is currently serving and the fact that we are all "financially strapped."

I am so disappointed in the lack of equity and community sense that Councilman Motznik has shown to some parts of his district that I believe he not only needs to rectify the situation but make a public apology to all the groups he has ignored.

Jean Fink

President, Carrick Community Council


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