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Please clean all the streets


November 18, 2008

I want to propose that the Pittsburgh Department of Public Works start cleaning the north-south streets that cross Sarah and Jane Streets on the South Side at least once a month. They are always full of dirt and trash.

 Currently, they clean Sarah and Jane streets twice a month and the cross streets are never scheduled to be cleaned. Why not clean Sarah and Jane once a month and clean the cross streets once a month also. It would not cost more in tax dollars or create more parking inconvenience.

 The way things are right now is unfair to half the people on the South Side and is an unfair use of our tax dollars.

 Repeated calls to the public works department have gotten us nowhere. Perhaps others who agree with this plan would be willing to call the Guy Costa at the public works department and request the change. Their phone number is: 412-255-2790.

Don't accept status as a second class citizen.

Daniel Vito

South Side


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