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By David Assad
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Carrick Goes Gardening winners announced


September 16, 2008

Winners were announced recently for the annual "Carrick Goes Gardening" contest. The announcement came during the September 10 meeting of the Carrick Community Council at Concord School.

The top six prize winners received cash awards and certificates for having the top gardens in contributing to the beautification of Carrick this summer. Carol Readshaw presented the awards to the winners at the meeting.

The top awardees included Walter J. Alinsky, the household of Fran and Geri Gutkowski, the household of Mary Ellen and Chip Held, Jeffery Porro, George P. Schwantz and Jean Young.

Those honored with consolation certificates for contributing to the contest were the Birmingham United Church of Christ, Diana Cippollone, Dale Darling, Audrey Dawida, Edward D. DeBald, Dawn Harder, Nancy Herring, Kim Juarin, Susan Kulick, Jan Kudrav, Bonnie Lancia, Bill Leavy, Mary Angela Ogg, Mary Ann Markowitz, the household of Tim and Vicki McCue, Gerri Miller, Joni Oliver, Maureen Papariella, the Readshaw Funeral Home, Phyllis Ricciardi, Helen Rudiak, Christopher Snyder, Spencer United Church, Kate Thomes and Dave Dutzik, Carol Readshaw, Linda Warble and family, Patricia Winschel, Mike Woshner and Donna Williams.

All participants were given potted fall plants and flowers to grow in their gardens or to display on their porches.

In another aspect in the beautification of Carrick, Dawn Harder, the anti-litter campaign steward for the Carrick Community Association, announced that eight industrial strength trash bins were placed at strategic locations along the Brownsville Road Business corridor this summer. She said the placing of the cans has made a significant difference in the litter that accumulates at these intersections.

There has been one placed by the PAT bus stop near the corner of Birmingham Avenue, two cans (across the street from each other) by the Carrick Market, two cans have been placed on opposite sides of the street near the corner of Overbrook Blvd. (Doug's Den and Verizon), another is at the corner of Nobles Lane and Brownsville (the area that was most requested) with another by the Burger King at the intersection of Brownsville and Merritt Avenue. Another has been placed at Brownsville and Becks Run Road next to the Collector's Corner hobby shop.

The trash cans were provided through a grant given to the Carrick civic group from State Senator Jay Costa.

The September meeting was the first of the 2008-09 season for the Carrick Community Council with a meeting slated for October 10 at Concord Elementary. A "meet the school officials" night is tentatively on the agenda for the October meeting.

Other meetings slated during the2008-09 season will be held on the second Wednesday in November, March, April and May.


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