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Real Estate Transactions for issue of 8/25/08


August 12, 2008

16th Ward

Pittsburgh City to William Donnelly at 644 Becks Run Road for $1,500.

Joshua Gross to Jeffrey and Mary Brettell at 2407 Jane St. for $135,000.

James Johns et al. to John and Jean McCloskey at 138 S. 24th St. for $128,000.

17th Ward

WKN LLC to HWP86 LLC at 1825 E. Carson St. for $750,000.

Brian Ripley to Dominic Gabbianelli at 131 S. 13th St. for $239,000.

Gregory Silvaggio to Robert and Debra Griffiths at S. 17th St. for $127,000.

Shannon O'Donnell et al. to Todd Graf at 1717 Sarah St. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $60,668).

18th Ward

Gerard Rooney trustee to IB Property Holdings LLC at 912 Freeland St. for $1,640 by sheriff's deed.

Patricia Koll to Rachael Beam at 82 Laclede St. for $68,500.

19th Ward

Cassaundra Wright to Bank New York Trust Co. NA trustee at 248 Aidyl Ave. for $1,506 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $87,055) by sheriff's deed.

William Bush Jr. to US Bank NA trustee at 626 Bellaire Ave. for $1,644 by sheriff's deed.

Spring House Property Group Inc. to Ronald Merrill and Rachael Grant at 1022 Berkshire Ave. for $122,850.

Paul Lecker to Cityzens LLC at 15 Boggs Ave. for $120,000.

NRLL East LLC to Richard Caulker at Cairo St. for $220 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $9,890).

Janet Pipilo to Mark Willard trustee at 156 E Sycamore St. for $150,000.

Joseph James Kwasniewski et al. to Scott and Robert Christopher at 2322 Edgebrook Ave. for $70,000.

US Bank NA trustee to Ryan King at 1604 Fallowfield Ave. for $34,000.

Derek Reckard to Carrie and Mindy Robbins O'Connell at 832 Gallion Ave. for $98,000.

Melanie Dreyer Lude to Thomas and Kelly Kubant Nee at 421 Meridan St. for $175,000.

Libra Properties LLC to Alphonso Berardelli Jr. at 144 Merrimac St. for $85,000.

Arlington Loan Servicing LLC to Clifford Wise at 366 Republic St. for $23,000.

Judith Berrick Perry to Timothy and Kaley Zundel at 843 Shadycrest Road for $113,500.

Pavel Burjak to Tiffany Grimes at 750 Woodbourne Ave. for $120,000.

29th Ward

Scott Bobak to Gloria Knorr at Belplain St. for $75,000.

Alan Gubala to Nathan Walz at 145 E. Woodford Ave. for $81,000.

Matthew Mark Lukens to Meredith Matthews at 119 Stewart Ave. for $83,750.

Kevin Garofalo to Vesselin and Zdravka Doynov at 2372 Valera Ave. for $89,900.

30th Ward

Bruce Marshman to HSBC Bank USA NA trustee at 249 Rochelle St. for $1,699 by sheriff's deed.

Mt. Oliver

Homecomings Financial LLC to Theresa Wilson at 235 Moye Place for $16,700.

Estate of John Hyrb to Joseph Leonard at 310 Otillia St. for $35,000.


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