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Technology bringing area residents closer together


March 18, 2008

Joining other city neighborhoods such as Highland Park and the North Side, Carrick residents have started using an e-mail list, or “listserv,” to connect neighbors to activities and news in the community.

Utilizing listserv, residents are able to quickly relay information over e-mail and a new surge of civic pride has surfaced in Carrick and Overbrook.

The mailing list is for all individuals who would like be informed of news and activities in Carrick. Anyone is able to subscribe and contribute, and topics range from local history to community development.

Currently, the listerv has close to 100 contributors who have been discussing community activism, problems, offering solutions such as the Mayor's 311 call center, establishing connections with other organizations and just plain community spirit. Neighbors in the community who thought they were alone with their problems have found others with similar concerns and similar solutions. Through the group's network, they can swiftly alert others to problems and quickly find solutions.

The group itself is not affiliated with any particular organization and is open to the public. Recent discussions have focused on the garbage and littering problems on Brownville Road, Colerain Street and Athena Way. Residents have been encouraged to “redd up” their properties to make Carrick and Overbrook a destination and a great place to live.

The e-mail group's home page is located at: Anyone can join by sending an e-mail from their personal account to carrickPA-subscribe To unsubscribe, send an e-mail to

When an e-mail is sent to, it is automatically sent the entire group. All posts are public on the group home page. (The membership list is private.)

The Google group was established and is moderated by Natalia Rudiak. She welcomes even more residents to join the discussion group noting that if 60 per cent of all the residents have access to the internet then the group should have several hundred members.

Per the group guidelines (posted on the homepage), all discussions are to be kept respectful. Ms. Rudiak notes that listservs are a great way to reinvigorate community groups, get in touch with a younger audience, and put out the call for volunteers.

If any other neighborhood in the South Pittsburgh area is interested in establishing an e-mail group, contact her at


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