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Lines without signs don't mean a thing


March 11, 2008

Re: Borough surveillance cameras should be up and running soon, The Reporter, February 26. The following statement was made: "To an attendee's question of whether the borough has completed repainting yellow lines, Mr. Repasky said no. For public safety, the police are enforcing the new yellow lines on Brownsville Road and side streets."

The borough and citizens should be made aware that nowhere in the Vehicle Code is there a reference to no parking on a painted yellow line or any other color paint. In fact, there are no pavement markings that are enforceable unless accompanied by a sign denoting the restriction. So any yellow line, except for informational purposes, must be accompanied by a sign to be legally enforceable, except where specifically noted in the Vehicle Code such as the distance from a fire hydrant, intersection or driveway.

This is also true of handicapped parking slots. A sign must accompany the marking to be enforceable.

John Rudiak

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