Real Estate transactions for issue of 1/8/08


16th Ward

Blue Spruce Entities LLC to Interstate Investment Gorup LLC at 717 Fisher St. for $3,500.

Estate of Jane Jastrzab to William Rose at 42 Holt St. for $39,900.

Amy Schrempf Gavatorta to Gregory Schmotzer at 2909 Josephine St. and Shelly St. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $9,179).

Gregory Schmotzer to Amy Schrempf Gavatorta at 2717 Mission St. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $2,919).

Frank Knerr to Timothy Hackel at 110 Syrian St. for $21,000.

18th Ward

Daniel Campbell to Jared Johnston and Carrie Kazmer at 213 Bon Air Ave. for $127,500.

Destiny Ventures LLC to Stewardship Fund L.P. at 535 E. Warrington Ave. for $4,500.

Eureka Bank to Mat Olean at 739 Excelsior St. for $22,000.

Octavia Ice to FLD 3 LLC at 65 Haberman Ave. for $25,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. trustee to Christos Tambakis at 103 Kathleen St. for $38,900.

Estate of Carol Scott to Mary Ann Eperthener at 825 Lillian St. for $7,500.

Real Cheap Estate LLC to Alba Medina at 231 Sylvania Ave. for $2,000.

19th Ward

HSBC Bank USA NA trustee to David Marchi at 1607 Alverado Ave. for $31,000.

Edward Schmidt to Brad Bauer and Kelly Quinn at 1105 Grandview Ave. Unit 2A for $270,000.

Banque Portfolio Corp. to Richard and JoAnn Milesky at 1000 Grandview Ave. Unit 801 for $239,900.

Susan Petrucci to Rachael Sala at 121 Jeanette St. for $100,700.

David Muha to David McCauley at 2857 Midland St. for $55,100.

William Walsh to Novastar Mortgage Inc. at 518 Natchez St. for $3,179 by sheriff's deed.

Chatham Village Homes Inc. to Simon Testa and Christin Whitco at 425 Olympia Road Unit 1206 for $0 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $89,201).

Timothy Cunningham to William Glick at 378 Republic St. for $127,500.

David Clemons to Steven P Beemsterboer Inc. at 20 Vinecliffe St. rear for $100,000.

Patti Schiemer Bednarik to Valerie Milie at 69 Wenzell Place for $45,000.

Richard Spanovich to Jessica Moeller at 1529 Woodbourne Ave. for $38,500.

29th Ward

Elda D'Amico to Zenica Knight at 121 E Agnew Ave. for $76,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. trustee to Admiral Capital Management LLC at 1652 Mt. Joseph St. for $26,000.

Matthew Bunitsky to Joseph Terlecki at 348 Overbrook Blvd. for $92,500.

Mary Lou Mullen to Tiponi Rhodes and Timothy Potts at 101 Poplargrove St. for $96,000.

Pero Brekalo to Milan and Bogdanka Korac at 232 Stewart Ave. for $67,000.

John Socci Jr. to Eugene and Anna Mae Knight at 1130 Trost Ave. for $6,500.

Douglas Bilec to Senadin and Mirzeta Talovic at 23 Wynoka St. for $115,000.

30th Ward

Francis Urban to Michael Lutestanski II at 337 Mathews Ave. for $20,000.

Gary Funk Jr. to Purple Panda LLC at 830 Roll St. for $11,000.

Mt. Oliver

Miriam Bertha to Nichelle and Anthony Lewis at 308 Anthony St. for $75,000.

Amy Lynn Kovach to Federal National Mortgage Assn. at 426 Carl St. for $1,557 by sheriff's deed.

Stephanie Krupa to Jems Properties LLC at 132 Frederick St. for $50,000.

Federal National Mortgage Assn. to Chad and Frank DiMatteo at 208 Giffin Ave. for $36,000.


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