By Margaret Smyka
Contributing Writer 

New Year's Resolutions for South Pittsburghers


Each year millions of Americans make New Year's resolutions for one reason or another. Following are what some of your South Pittsburgh neighbors and leaders are resolving for 2008.

• District Justice Richard King: to continue to listen more intently as a district justice as people are trying to explain their situation to me in court.

• Bev Boggio, South Side Slopes: Years ago I made a resolution to visit people more. This year, at least once a month, I will go see someone I haven't seen in a while. Also, I will start packing a lunch to take to work at least four days a week.

• Brad Palmisiano, South Side Slopes: to finish renovating my bathroom which I started four years ago when I bought my house.

• Judy Hackel, Allentown: My resolution is the same as it is every year: to get more people interested and involved in Allentown through the Allentown Community Development Corporation. We need people to hear about Allentown and come here, and those who live here need to work for their neighborhood.

• Joe Balaban, South Side Slopes: to finish renovating my house that I began in fall, 2004. I also want to get back in shape after my shoulder and knee heal from some wear-and-tear.

• Doris Markowski, Arlington: to lose 20 pounds.

• Don Froehlich, Mt. Oliver: to stay healthy all year so my wife, Shirley, and I can continue volunteering at the St. John Vianney Food bank. Through the Mt. Oliver Recreation Association programs, my wife and I and others also volunteer at Christmas and Easter to brighten the holidays for kids, and I hope to continue doing so.

• Mary Ann Flaherty-Bennett, Knoxville: I'm going to put love as the epicenter of my life. You can't lead if you don't love, and you can't love if you don't serve, and you can't proceed in life by oneself. Be pro-active rather than reactive, and keep the faith.

• Mary Causey, Mt. Washington: to walk my dogs more often because it's healthier for them and for me.

• Chuck Thompson, Arlington: to gain 5 pounds.

• Ginny Gates, Mt. Washington: to live in the moment because that is all we have.

• JoAnn Herman, Carrick: to work for more people to get involved in their neighborhoods as crime is up. It is called neighbor helping neighbor, and it makes for a safer neighborhood.

• State Rep. Harry Readshaw: to resolve to be a leader that takes the initiative and focuses on objectives, not obstacles.

• Barb Meyer, Arlington: to lose 40 pounds.

• Mary and Skip Lavelle, Arlington: to start exercising at the YWCA downtown three days a week for our health and to lose weight.

• Kevin Hanley, South Side Local Development Company: to do a better job of returning phone calls and emails, and to practice being more patient driving.

• Debbie Neumeyer, Arlington: to become healthy again. I quit smoking in August, and now I have to resolve to cut back on eating.

• Kathleen Cogley, Arlington: to quit smoking after 40 years.


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