By Tom Smith
South Pittsburgh Reporter Editor 

Boro council appoints Michner to serve out rest of Cornelius' term


August 21, 2007

Mount Oliver Borough Council changed their ranks on August 20 when Billie Michner was expected to be sworn in to fill the unexpired term of Councilman Don Cornelius.

Ms. Michner, a Democrat, was one of two borough residents who applied for the seat vacated by Mr. Cornelius. The other applicant was George Farneth, a Republican.

Mr. Cornelius resigned his seat on borough council effective July 17. He was removed as president of the council at a raucous meeting on March 19 at which time Councilwoman Kelly Prilla walked out in mid-session and James Cassidy was installed as the new council president.

Since that time, Mr. Cornelius has missed three regular meetings, three caucus meetings and a special meeting. Ms. Prilla has also been absent for the same amount of time.

Borough officials sent both missing council members letters by regular and certified mail asking what their intentions were as to participating in council meetings. Ms. Prilla's certified letter wasn't picked up at the Post Office and Mr. Cornelius responded with his resignation.

At a Special Meeting held on August 13 attended by council members Mr. Cassidy, James Caylor, John Wagner, John Smith and Christine Brendel and Mayor Jeff Repasky, Mr. Cornelius' resignation was read and unanimously accepted.

Council members were then unclear on whether they had 30 days from the date of the resignation or 30 days from the day they accepted the resignation to fill the vacant seat.

It was decided to fill the seat immediately at the Special Meeting and swear in the new council person at the August 20 general meeting. Discussion followed about the applicants for the vacant seat, both are also on the ballot in the November General Election.

Mayor Repasky noted that Ms. Michner has been proactive in the borough, attending all regular and caucus meetings and organizing a monthly clean up effort. Councilman Wagner added that Ms. Michner was "a Democrat."

Ms. Michner will serve out the unexpired term until the end of the year.


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