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Real Estate transactions for issue of 7/24/07


16th Ward

Bonnie Morrow to NRLL East LLC at Cobden St. for $10,500 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $22,330).

NRLL East LLC to Yvonne Williams at Cobden St. for $23,900.

John Pistorius to William Gadd and D Scott Farris at 2325 Cobden St. for $45,000.

Denise Nichols to Christiana Bank & Trust Co. trustee at 526 Mountain St. for $14,381 by sheriff's deed.

Lindsay Laquinta Zellhart to Janet Schaeffer at 116 S. 25th St. for $173,500.

Mary Louise Groll to Michael Lehrman at 525 St. Joseph St. for $59,500.

Federal National Mortgage Assn. to William Buettner at 230 Sterling St. for $7,000.

Amber Miller Hadfield to Christopher Moore at 424 Walde St. for $53,400.

17th Ward

Robert Rump to Grandview Investments LLC at 174 Pius St. for $30,000.

Jamie Latimer to Alison Maxwell at 66 Pius St. 201 for $188,000.

Thomas Cunningham et al. to Daniel Spanovich at 1918 Shamokin St. for $45,000.

Thomas Cunningham to Daniel Spanovich at 1920 Shamokin St. for $50,000.

18th Ward

Wells Fargo Bank NA to LaSalle Bank National Assn. trustee at 726 Ceres Way for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $15,180).

LaSalle Bank National Assn. trustee to Blake Alterman at 726 Ceres Way for $3,000.

Colin Love to Thomas Michael and Amy Lathers at 427 Edgemont St. for $47,500.

Countrywide Home Loans Inc. to Beasley Enterprises LLC at 821 Eldora Place for $3,000.

Cray Thomas to Federal National Mortgage Assn. at 419 Freeland St. for $6,434 by sheriff's deed.

Popular Services to Lifeworks Management Group LLC at 521 Sylvania Ave. for $6,500.

19th Ward

Wells Fargo Bank to Vincin LLC at 740 Dunster St. for $57,151.

Gary Goldstein to Lewis Levick at 1700 Grandview Ave. Unit 201 for $340,000.

Nicole Shaffer Myers to Michael Angelone at 1833 Greenleaf St. for $203,500.

Veterans Administration to Anthony Morena at 504 Natchez St. for $4,950.

Antoinette Bartolotta Coe to Roger Watzman at 150 Southern Ave. for $80,500.

Judith Ribic to Gerald and Catherine Yates at 275 Traymore Ave. for $55,000.

Kathryn Boreli to Beverly Wright at 2369 Vodeli St. for $70,000.

Chris Hunter to Derek Hurlburt at 77 Westwood St. for $63,500.

Robert Delancey to Jennifer Marie Adams and Stanley Edward Haduch at 1535 Woodbourne Ave. for $106,000.

29th Ward

Joseph Dolata III to Darlene and Carol Rigby at 216 E Agnew Ave. for $79,000.

Kevin Dieterle to Carol McGinnis at 2356 Edgar St. for $88,500.

Fay Donahey to Megan Korhnak at 311 Kirk Ave. for $74,198.

Dolores Garfold to Thomas Queeney at 459 Linnview Ave. for $89,000.

Bank New York Trust Co. NA trustee to Rita Mincin at 2301 Valera Ave. for $25,500.

30th Ward

Housing & Urban Development to Schmigel Properties LLC at 228 Wilbur St. for $4,500.

Mt. Oliver

Wade Timmerson to Harry Smith at 204 Amanda Ave. for $37,500.

Wade Timmerson to Harry Smith at 206 Amanda Ave. for $37,500.

Martha Frances Lamanna to Beneficial Mortgage Co. Pennsylvania at 401 Giffin Ave. for $1,336 by sheriff's deed.

Christopher Kail to Phelix Houser at 450 Hays Ave. for $80,000.


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