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Real Estate Transactions for Issue of 6/12/07


16th Ward

Marshall Williams to Dianna Norkus and Michael Ray at 335 Bassler St. for $30,000.

Betty Moeslein to Deborah Griffin at 142 Rinne St. for $63,000.

Grandview Investments LLC to Posey Eger LLC at 2808 Salisbury St. for $27,900.

17th Ward

James Bronson to Mark Donnelly at 1715 Larkins Way for $45,000.

John Dawso to Martin and Barbara Keyser at 1810 Larkins Way for $160,000.

18th Ward

Christine Hennel to Washington Mutual Bank at 414 Iberia St. for $1,634 by sheriff's deed.

Washington Mutual Bank to DOR Enterprises LLC at 414 Iberia St. for $23,000.

Novastar Mortgage Inc. to James Clark at 929-931 Manton Way for $6,500.

Estate of Fannie Clemons to PNC Bank NA at 424 Winton St. for $1,602 by sheriff's deed.

19th Ward

Michael Zekas to Sovran Corp. at 212 Albert St. for $1,818 by sheriff's deed.

Sovran Corp. to Robert and Margaret Shauger at 212 Albert St. for $23,000.

Guy Porter to Melissa McCoy at 1136 Chelton Ave. for $137,000.

Greg Phillips to Bonnie Hafer at 1645 Dagmar Ave. for $69,000.

Stephen Perrotti to LaSalle Bank National Assn. trustee at 649 Dunster St. for $1,598 by sheriff's deed.

Jerry McElligott to Nicole Wieczorek at 618 Larose St. for $102,000.

John Castas to Michael and Karen Hatfield at 1232 Oakridge St. for $45,000.

Kristopher Jones to Wells Fargo Bank NA trustee at 2319 Saranac Ave. for $1,806 by sheriff's deed.

Wells Fargo Bank NA trustee to Michael and Geoffrey Wright at 2319 Saranac Ave. for $33,000.

Phyllis Kadair to Gerald Williams Jr. at 518 Southcrest Drive for $165,000.

W. Michael Kennedy et al. to Trisda Group LLC at 254 Southern Ave. for $41,300.

Stephen Schake to Anthony Melani and Carol Fahrny at 627 Woodbourne Ave. for $65,000.

29th Ward

Irene Wright to Barbara Lastauckas at 400 Antenor Ave. for $86,064.

Ruth Loadman et al. to Eileen O'Neill at 503 Brinwood Ave. for $57,000.

Wachovia Bank Delaware NA to Admiral Capital Management at 2600 Edgar St. for $32,000.

Federal National Mortgage Assn. to Ryan Mackin at 113 Linnview Ave. for $28,400.

John Joseph Gray to James Kowalewski Jr. at 112 Thielman St. for $23,500.

Dennis Maerkel to JP Morgan Chase Bank NA trustee at 209 W. Cherryhill St. for $1,523 by sheriff's deed.

Housing & Urban Development to Eric Ortosky at 112 W. Woodford Ave. for $43,500.

30th Ward

Fidelity Bank to Kenneth and Thi Balch at 418 Daytona St. for $13,500.

Bank One National Assn. trustee to Ina Waldenville at 8 Grape St. for $3,500.

Housing & Urban Development to Darlene Natale at 325 Orchard Place for $11,500.

Estate of Sarah Gilbert to Shavalyea Wyatt at 214 Rochelle St. for $63,000.

Mt. Oliver

Estate of Virginia Bartsch to Ernestine Peterson at 800 Hays Ave. for $28,500.


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