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It's time to take back the boro


Re: Mount Oliver officials continue to answer to questions from residents, South Pittsburgh Reporter, May 29:

I remember a time when all the residents of Mt. Oliver were proud to live there. We grew up there, raised our children, went to the schools and churches, participated in summer recreation programs, sports, swimming, scouts, parades and even festivities at the annual July 4th holiday at Transverse Park. It was a wonderful community. We had annual “cleanup the borough” days and felt safe walking the streets and neighborhoods.

It is time to take the borough back and make it the proud municipality it once was. It saddens me so much to drive there each time I return to Pittsburgh to see it trashed and vandalized. And while I do applaud the new mayor and his efforts, it takes more than one person to do a good job.

Please make the streets safe and proud as they once were for our seniors, for our children and for the future of Mt. Oliver.

M. Campbell

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