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Koch does care about the South Side and its people


Last updated 11/9/2012 at 6:57pm

I am writing in response to Lee Phillips' letter (“Councilman's position on South Siders is clear” 4/17/07).

To imply that Councilman Koch does not care about the South Side is ridiculous. For years, residents, business owners - and yes, even community leaders - have said we've needed to do something about growing concerns related to the number of bars in the South Side. Talk. Talk. Talk.

In just one year, Councilman Koch has worked with South Siders and introduced an ordinance to limit any more bars from coming into the South Side's business district. He's recruited the Mayor and his staff to respond to concerns about enforcement issues. And, he and his staff have worked on behalf of individual South Siders in need of assistance while dealing with rowdy students and illegal business operations.

I've personally worked with Councilman Koch during the past eight months on this ordinance. During this time, I've found him to be accessible, responsible, and extremely committed to the South Side. Working long hours, building relationships in city government, and making difficult decisions - Councilman Koch has been doing the job.

In this election, when politicians usually say what they think people want to hear, I've found Councilman Koch's candor to be refreshing. After listening and learning about issues, he will actually tell you where he stands even though he knows some may disagree. Though Ms. Phillips may be offended by this approach, I wish more politicians were like Councilman Koch, and will gladly vote to re-elect him on May 15th.

Nicholas Kefal

South Side Resident


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