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Phillips students create portrait of Dr. King


March 27, 2007

The third grade students at Phillips Elementary recently joined in with students from Allderdice High School for an art project.

This creative project, sponsored by CitiParks, was the brainchild of Allderdice jewelry teacher, Julie Curtiss, and Phillip's third grade teachers, Dina Moreno and Stacy Riggle. In celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday and Black History Month, this collaboration produced a 5 ft. x 5 ft. portrait of Dr. King.

The portrait is a copper foil grid enlargement completed in sections. Each Allderdice student was paired with a Phillips student, the older student then mentored the younger student throughout the process. The finished project was displayed at the Pittsburgh Board of Education for two months. It is now an exhibit at the 2007 All City Elementary & Middle School Arts Exhibition in the Children's Museum.

Dina Moreno and Stacy Riggle's Phillips Elementary School students include: Stephen Adams, Bobby Alford, Brendan Baehr, Dwight Best, Halie Bozic, Mikah Bruce, Imani Chisom, Autumn Eibesberger, Kyra Fitzwilliam, Abigail Freund, Alyssa Freund, Alexander Gappert, Adriana Gulli, Aiyan Hairston, Autsin Kline, Lilly Merriman-Milleren, and Assata Moorer.

Also, Noah Pitts, Tobias Pryer, Shamara Ray, Antonette Rotolo, Julianna Rossiter, Jaden Sopko, Micah Anthony, Avery Baker, Calli Brown, Mark Catlin, Haylee Clanagan, Madison Custer, Patricia Donehue, William Dusch, Kenadi Grissett, Jacob Hartman, Christopher Hawk, Ariella Kowal, Zachary Laure, Lydia McCoy, Elizabeth McCullough, Kira Nishimura-Russ, Gregory Perkins, Shirley Petropoulos, Grant Rauterkus, Alleah Rose, Chantel Seals, Elisa Varlotta, Taryana White, and Montey'Ja Williams


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