Arlington to hear presentation on Amber Sticks


March 27, 2007

The Arlington Civic Council has planned a busy and informative agenda for the April 2 meeting of the council.

There will be a demonstration of the Amber Stick at 7 p.m. Anyone who has ever worried what they would do if someone in their family were missing should attend. The presentation will include how to cope and finding the information the police would need to begin their search.

To expedite the process, the Pittsburgh Police Department is now selling a small device called an “Amber Stick.”

The Amber Stick is a small USB device that contains the necessary software to create and store information about children and/or family members. The information, including up to three pictures for each person, is then readily available to the law enforcement officers in the event that a loved one becomes missing.

The information on the Amber Stick can be accessed for pre-made missing person posters, current descriptions, and the ability to instantly upload the information to a nationwide Amber Alert Broadcast. For more information visit: http://pittsburgh and click on the link for Amber Stick.

At 8p.m. the Department of City Planning will present the proposed zoning changes for the community via Map Pittsburgh. This program was designed to engage the community in the rezoning process to maximize the best features and assets of Pittsburgh neighborhoods.

The proposed changes will be on display via a map of the community. Community input and questions are welcome.

Those who would like to place an item on the agenda may do so at the start of the meeting.


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