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Phillips students celebrate 100 days of school with 700 food items


To celebrate 100 days of school at Phillips, Kathleen Hammer's second grade class decided to collect 100 cans of food for the Brashear Food Pantry. The exceeded their goal by collecting more than 700 food items for the pantry. They students in the class, assisted by Mrs. Hammer and her intern, Jennifer Carpenter, and education aides Carolyn Eddings and Linda Surdick, delivered the fruits of their labor to the Brashear Center last week.

This past week marked the 100th day of school in the Pittsburgh Public School System. While many students were relieved to be more than half way through the school year, the students in Kathleen Hammer's second grade class at Phillips Elementary School celebrated for an impressive accomplishment.

To honor the 100th day of school, the children worked with Mrs. Hammer, and her intern, Jennifer Carpenter, to organize a school-wide food drive to benefit the Brashear Association Food Pantry. Charged with collecting 100 food items to mark this special day in the school year, the second graders spearheaded a multifaceted effort aimed at engaging classmates, older peers, as well as Phillips faculty and staff.

In an activity that embodies interdisciplinary learning, students discovered a practical application for the math, reading and general studies learned daily at Phillips School. Students were responsible for creating an advertising plan to publicize the drive. The second graders were also responsible for collecting, counting, sorting and distributing the non-perishable food items for the Brashear Association's food pantry.

To celebrate the students' work, Mrs. Hammer, Ms. Carpenter, and educational assistants Carolyn Eddings and Linda Surdick, walked the class of children across the street to personally deliver the food items collected to the Brashear food pantry.

Bundled up against the cold, the seven and eight year olds held their partners with one hand and carried a bag of food items with the other, as they crossed 20th street and entered the Brashear Center with the donations. Met with applause by the staff and senior citizens of the Brashear Center, the second graders proudly carried the fruits of their labor to the pantry.

In a lesson meant to reflect students' learning both inside and outside the classroom, the second graders in Mrs. Hammer's class far exceeded their original goal of collecting 100 nonperishable food items to celebrate the 100th day of school. The students learned not only the basics of economics and arithmetic, but also the value of giving to others, as they presented the Brashear Association with more than 700 food items!

The Brashear Association is a United Way agency. For more information, call 412-431-2236.


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