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Recycle those old ‘white appliances' for no charge for a limited time


Pennsylvania Resources Council, Inc. (PRC) has begun a new appliance recycling campaign that will allow consumers to drop off their unwanted appliances to be recycled at no charge.

For a limited time, Appliance Warehouse on the South Side will accept drop-offs of old, broken or unwanted major appliances at its facility for free. This includes air conditioners, refrigerators, washers, dryers and other appliances typically categorized as “white goods.”

For every appliance dropped off, Appliance Warehouse will make a donation to support PRC's litter and graffiti prevention efforts in the community.

Any individuals, businesses, townships, boroughs or municipalities that may have old or unwanted appliances lying around now have an opportunity to recycle these items for free. There is no limit to the number of appliances that may be dropped off. Freon will be removed by EPA certified technicians.

The partnership results in two primary benefits:

Individuals are able to safely and legally dispose of their unwanted appliances free of charge. This helps eliminate the illegal dumping of appliances and ensures that any Freon contained in these appliances is collected and recycled in a responsible manner meeting all state and federal guidelines.

Also, by dropping off appliances at the Appliance Warehouse, individuals are helping to support grassroots community efforts to eliminate litter and graffiti from their neighborhoods. PRC's three primary service areas are recycling, litter/graffiti prevention and waste reduction.

If individuals are unable to drop off appliances on their own, they can call Appliance Warehouse, 1-888-Go-FREON (1-888-463-7366) to schedule a pickup. Although a fee will be assessed for pick up, those who mention the phrase “Don't be a litterbug,” one of PRC's catch slogans, will receive a 10 percent discount off the pick up service. Visit http://www.appliancedisposal. org or for details.

Appliance Warehouse is at 523 Bingham Street on the South Side.


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