Readshaw bill will protect landowners from liability


January 30, 2007

State Rep. Harry Readshaw, D-Allegheny, has introduced legislation that would protect landowners from liability for the actions of others they allow to use their property for such activities as hunting and fishing.

In October, the House unanimously passed a liability protection bill, but the Senate failed to act on the measure before the end of the session Nov. 30.

The House action came after a judge ruled a property owner was partially liable for a hunter's errant shot that struck another person.

Without liability protection, owners of private property who allow hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities on their property have begun banning the public from entering and many more may follow suit.

Rep. Readshaw said he was disappointed that the Senate failed to act on such a clear-cut and important issue that had bipartisan support.

”Without this protection for landowners, one can easily foresee a disaster for hunting and fishing in Pennsylvania,” Mr. Readshaw said. “Not only would it deprive hundreds of thousands of people from experiencing such traditional outdoor recreation, it would devastate hunting- and fishing-related businesses and put thousands of jobs at risk.”

The proposal (H.B. 13) would remove landowners from liability for the safety of the people they allow to use their property for lawful activities and from responsibility for accidents caused by the people they allow in.


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