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Real Estate Transactions for Issue of 12/26/06


16th Ward

Shirley Balcer estate et al. to Najib and Nasra Aboud at 2126 E. Carson St. for $300,000.

Louise Murphy to Daniel Lester at 53 Holt St. for $52,500.

Albert Lopata to Raymond Tasillo and Julian Belsh at 2910 Mary St. for $5,000.

Sharon Ammons to Luigi Bruni at 2250 Mary St. 316 for $297,000.

Wendy Grimm to Daniel Proch at 2250 Mary St. Apt 112 for $269,000.

Kenny Balch to Dry Creek Land L.P. at 119 Rinne St. for $34,000.

Michael Papariella to Raymond Rost at 2618 Sumner St. for $141,000.

17th Ward

Pittsburgh City to 419 East Carson Street Assoc. LLC at 419 E. Carson St. for $10,692.

Donald Carlson to Robert Gomes at 1919 Mary St. for $24,737.

Brian Breisinger to Matthew Botti at 1828 St. Patrick St. for $50,000.

Bernard Szymkowiak to Jessica Land and Aaron Smith at 1709 Sarah St. for $65,000.

Julia Carenbauer to Susan Randolph at 1719 Wharton St. for $275,000.

18th Ward

Lynne Taylor Smith to Michael Lanese at 200 Arlington Ave. for $60,000.

John Anthony Roche to Marjorie Jones at 835 Eldora Place for $43,500.

Housing & Urban Development to James Stark at 49 Haberman Ave. for $31,025.

19th Ward

Countywide Properties L.P. to Robert Irish at 1533 Alverado Ave. for $42,000.

Luisa Wolber to Cory Ranallo and Jennifer Shutterly at 517 Bellaire Ave. for $114,300.

Estate of Celia Flewellen to Kimberly Gamrod at 2304 Candace St. for $69,000.

Frank Weir to Lisa Karraker at 1840 Fallowfield Ave. for $49,000.

Joseph Bodnar to Aurora Loan Services Inc. at 2714 Pioneer Ave. for $1,450 by sheriff's deed.

Estate of Theresa DeGrazia to Mary Margaret Deely at 2809 Sussex Ave. for $63,000.

Chrysler Realty Co. LLC to Liberty West LLC at 2303 W Liberty Ave. for $350,000.

Frank Weir to Lisa Karraker at 1888 Woodward Ave. for $71,000.

Estate of Marcella Kenezy to Jordan Interthal at 2443 Woodward Ave. for $8,000.

29th Ward

Housing & Urban Development to Beth Pallof at 29 Claus Ave. for $35,000.

Shirley Vaday to Scott Haines at 101 Linnview Ave. for $40,000.

Citibank NA trustee to Jamie Mandarino at 2916 Parkdale Ave. for $47,000.

John Pouch to RHO Enterprises LLC at 336 Redwood St. for $27,000.

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