Real Estate transactions for issue of 10/31/06


16th Ward

NRLL East LLC to Yvonne Williams at Cobden St. for $23,900.

Barbara Bernatowicz to John Mooney and David Ashi at 2328 Fox Way for $40,000.

Spinello Construction Co. to Kenneth Redcliffe and Gary Geiger at 2128 Merriman St. for $50,000.

Dennis Schlegel Jr. to Brad Keller and Bernadette Ulsamer at 2609 Patterson St. for $78,000.

Estate of Ted Marchbein to DS Holdings LLC at 2107 Sidney St. for $681,000.

17th Ward

Federal National Mortgage Assn. to Howard Scott at 66 Pius St. 302 and 303 for $185,000.

SS L.P. to Andrew Jugan at 153 S. 19th St. for $278,000.

Estate of Stephen Gruszewski to Lisa Fields at 1519 St. Patrick St. for $150,000.

Edward Waligorski to Richard Svitek at 1925 Wharton St. for $92,500.

18th Ward

US Bank NA trustee to Brian Smith at 300 Cedarhurst St. for $7,000.

Michelle Hahne to GLS Development Inc. at 908 Eureka St. for $2,200 by sheriff's deed.

Lifeworks Management Group LLC to Eurydice Stanley at 254 Industry St. for $13,750.

Homecomings Financial Network Inc. to Joyce Davern at 716 McLain St. for $15,000.

Anthony Fields to EMC Mortgage Corp. at 39 Millbridge St. for $2,617 by sheriff's deed.

19th Ward

Gregory Domhoff to Fomeeka Bey at 943 Bayridge Ave. for $71,000.

Karl Vogt to John Elachko III and Nicole Elachko at 823 Bellaire Ave. for $110,000.

Ralph Williams to Lori Gjenashaj at 1743 Broadway Ave. for $75,000.

Estate of Dorothy Nicholas to Cynthia Rack at 1318 Chelton Ave. for $30,000.

Ann Moran to John and Janet Wetzel at 309 Clarence St. for $35,000.

Steve Kurus to Dawn Robertson at 551 Clemesha Ave. for $51,134.

Paul Hogan to Lance England at 1400 Fallowfield Ave. for $82,000.

Douglas Bruce Loadman to Mark Cook at 322 Kearsarge St. for $21,700.

Christopher Linderman to Anthony Mihelcic at 2825 Kenilworth St. and Aidyl Ave. for $68,000.

Michael Trapolsi Jr. to Michael Trapolsi Jr. and Irina Larina at 1146 McNeilly Ave. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $37,620).

Kenyatta Hill to Manufacturers & Traders Trust Co. trustee at 316 Natchez St. for $4,217 by sheriff's deed.

Jeffrey Hunter to Bank New York trustee at 1069 Norwich Ave. for $2,159 by sheriff's deed.

Lindsay Barua to Tracey Skruch at 1315 Oakridge St. for $72,500.

Gary McBurney to Housing & Urban Development at 237 Paul St. for $2,075 by sheriff's deed.

Andrew Craig to Tracey Pesi at 2011 Plainview Ave. for $70,000.

John Byrne to Bryan David Russo et al. and Gail Russo at 1534 Rockland Ave. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $47,300).

Estate of Wilhelmina Ferris to Andrew Marrangoni at 266 Southern Ave. for $10,000.

James Graham to Christine Boetticher at 1 Trimont Lane 540C for $424,500.

James Hastings to Bryan Stuber at 111 Wilbert St. for $114,900.

29th Ward

Anna McKenna to Franco Masci at 517 Brinwood Ave. for $72,500.

Brian Bodish to Aric and Denise White at 1703 Concordia St. for $80,000.

David Daniel Wansolich to Jacob Owade at 104 E. Cherryhill St. for $45,000.

Union Planters Bank NA to Liquidation Properties Inc. at 132 Nobles Lane for $10 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $35,000).

Liquidation Properties Inc. to Steve Wilcox at 132 Nobles Lane for $4,000.

Archer WGI LLC to SLW REO Corp. at 437 Olivet Ave. for $10 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $77,000).

SLW REO Corp. to Meghan Hoover at 437 Olivet Ave. for $62,000.

30th Ward

Ronald Fox to Ioan and Bianca Poplacean at 436 Arabella St. for $20,618.

Michael Bacvinskas to D & N Enterprises LLC at 406 Daytona St. for $23,000.

Gary Abel to Galileo One L.P. at 2 Lorna Way for $8,000.

Emma Fisher to Robin Brewer at 420 Zara St. for $41,000.

Mt. Oliver

Helen Orzechowski to Pamela McKissick at 520 Giffin Ave. for $59,055.

Green Tree Consumer Discount Co. to Kayja Properties LLC at 709 Hays Ave. for $18,000.

Federal National Mortgage Assn. to Admiral Capital Management LLC at 505 Margaret St. for $11,000.

Joseph Mitchell to Paul Anthony and Vatana Miller at 135 Ormsby Ave. for $50,000.

Mark Falkner to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. trustee at 438 William St. for $2,149 by sheriff's deed.


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