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Councilman knows what's best for S. S.


October 3, 2006

The new development of the two condominiums and hotel is another shot in the arm for the South Side.

It will create new jobs and taxes this city sorely needs.

This is the same mentality that cut back the South Side Summer Street Spectacular to a Paul Shannon back yard carnival. People from all over the country were taking vacations to spend here on the South Side, spending their money, booking hotels. The bands were getting better, the parade rivaled anything New Orleans puts on. But because a few people complained, it became just another Pittsburgh memory.

The view from the Slopes has been changing since the first Native American rowed his canoe down the Mon. Get used to it.

As for Councilman Koch, he not only has the best interest of the South Side at heart for he knows what this will generate not only on the Flats but for all of the city especially District 3.

Joseph C. Pro


Democratic Committeeman


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