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Bar owners obligated to meet with commander


This week, owner's of liquor licenses on South Side have an opportunity that hasn't been available to them is many years, if even ever.

This Wednesday the owners of establishments on the Flats selling alcohol, bars and restaurants, have been invited to come and meet with Zone 3 Police Commander RaShall Brackney. The meeting, which is not open to the public, is being facilitated by the South Side Chamber of Commerce with assistance from the South Side Local Development Company.

Commander Brackney requested the meeting with the holders of the liquor licenses on the South Side, numbering nearly 100, to meet and greet the owners, explain her concerns for the coming summer and ask their input on providing a safe summer for their customers and area residents.

The owners have the opportunity to meet with the commander in a non-confrontational setting, learn what her concerns are, and work on a solution that will benefit all. In light of recent and continuing complaints against a small minority of bars on the Flats, it would seem this would be an opportunity few would want to pass up.

The bars and restaurants on the South Side are responsible for doubling the population of the neighborhood each weekend for several hours a night. The people partying are the same people coming back for dinner and shopping in the boutiques along Carson Street and in the SouthSide Works.

Unfortunately, the same people partying are also the same people waking residents in the middle of the night and urinating on private property. Regrettably, the situation hasn't improved over the past two decades with residents voicing the same complaints for more than 20 years.

While no one expects the bars to be able to control the actions of their patrons after they leave their establishments, residents do expect a good night's sleep and to not have to clean up after drunken louts in the morning.

The residents' expectations and those of the bar owners' are not mutually exclusive. The bars and restaurants want to provide a place where their patrons enjoy themselves and want to return. The residents want a safe home in a comfortable convenient neighborhood.

Hopefully the owners will take an hour this Wednesday morning to come and meet with Commander Brackney in a stress free setting, learn more about how to be a better neighbor and let the commander know what their concerns are this summer.


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