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Kraus is best choice as city councilman for South Pittsburgh


For the most part, the campaign for the vacant District 3 City Council seat has been uneventful save for occasional anonymous postings on obscure Websites. Over the past several months the editor, publishers and contributing writers of The

South Pittsburgh Reporter have attended many meet the candidate events throughout the district and even co-sponsored several in an effort learn more about the men who would be councilman.

Although most of the candidates have claimed some community involvement, only one can stand by his record of involvement in many of South Pittsburgh's neighborhoods: Bruce A. Kraus.

Over the past several years Mr. Kraus could be seen not only leading the South Side Chamber of Commerce, but willing to get his hands dirty pushing a broom at the Trash Bash, hauling discarded tires off the South Side Slopes, cutting weeds in Allentown and cleaning the streets with Phillips Elementary School students. Acting not as a candidate, but as a concerned resident of South Pittsburgh.

Mr. Kraus' leadership skills are evidenced not only by his participation in, but his lead positions as president of the South Side Chamber of Commerce, chair of the Mayor's Graffiti Task Force, on the board of the Clean Pittsburgh Commission and as a founding member of the Pittsburgh Partnership 4 Kids on the Hill Top.

Already aware of the problems in the South Side, he has taken the initiative to learn more about the people and their problems in other District 3 neighborhoods. Through his participation in the South Pittsburgh Partnership 4 Kids, Mr. Kraus was able to make contacts and get to know not only community leaders on the Hill Top, but the senior citizens, the young parents and their children.

Over the last year and a half on any given day Mr. Kraus could be found in senior citizen centers in Arlington, Allentown or almost anywhere throughout South Pittsburgh, talking with parents in Beltzhoover at a Breakfast for Santa or picking up litter on South Side.

Pittsburgh City Council is not a place for on the job training, but unfortunately none of the candidates have experience in running a major city. However, Mr. Kraus has done an admirable job of taking the home study course for the position.

With half a dozen candidates vying for the Democratic Party nomination, no candidate received more than 50 percent of the votes cast and the endorsement was given based on the winner receiving fewer than 40 total votes. A life-long Democrat, Mr. Kraus was forced, much like former mayor Richard Caliguiri, to temporarily change his party affiliation to an Independent to remain in the race. There is no doubt once the race is over he will return to being a Democrat.

Much ado was made over a posting on a Website claiming Mr. Kraus was too parochial to be a city councilman. To the contrary, it is the belief of this newspaper that the needs of District 3 residents should come first with their councilman, as the needs of other city districts should be their council district representatives' priority.

It stands to reason that The South Pittsburgh Reporter is parochial in its view that it wants the best representation for its readers, the South Pittsburgh residents of District 3, and after careful consideration the best man for the job is Bruce A. Kraus.


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