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Nov. 15 is America Recycles Day – “It All Comes Back To You!”


November 15, 2005

Today is America Recycles Day. Each year our country produces almost 240 million tons of municipal solid waste, equivalent to nearly 4½ pounds of waste per person per day, most of which is recyclable.

When we recycle, we conserve energy and natural resources, reduce air and water pollution and reduce greenhouse gases. By using our resources wisely, we strengthen our economy and national security. Thousands of products are recyclable, especially paper, yard waste, motor oil, tires, plastic, glass, batteries, building materials, and obsolete electronic products.

In 1999, recycling and composting activities prevented about 64 million tons of material from ending up in landfills and incinerators. Today, this country recycles 28 percent of its waste, a rate that has almost doubled during the past 15 years.

While most Americans are helping by separating recyclable materials from trash, there are many more steps to make our communities cleaner, healthier places to live. This year America Recycles Day focuses on the goal that with recycling and re-use, “It All Comes Back to You!”

Another form of recycling is composting. Composting is the controlled biological decomposition of organic matter, such as food and yard wastes, into humus, a soil-like material. Composting is nature's way of recycling organic wastes into new soil. Start a compost pile and watch the garden become the envy of the neighborhood.

The philosophy behind America Recycles Day is – “It All Comes Back to You!”


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