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Proposal would help protect hunters from identity theft


State Sen. Sean Logan plans to introduce legislation that would ban the Pennsylvania Game Commission from requiring hunters and furtakers to provide their Social Security numbers to obtain a hunting license.

“More and more, we hear nightmarish accounts of people losing thousands and thousands of dollars and fighting for many years to regain their stolen ‘identity,'” Logan (D-Allegheny) said.

 ”I see no compelling reason why hunters should have to openly provide their Social Security number for a hunting license. There have been too many complaints about how this sensitive data is being publicly exposed and sloppily handled to justify continuing this requirement.”

Logan said he has received numerous local complaints from hunters about vendors permitting applicants to fill out the license sales books themselves, which allows easy access to other hunters' Social Security numbers.

“While these instances are obviously examples of how sensitive and confidential personal information is being mishandled, I don't see the necessity for submitting one's Social Security number in the first place.”

Logan said the requirement is a response to a federal dictate aimed at tracking and penalizing “deadbeat parents.”

“While I abhor parents who fail to support their children, and favor the strongest punitive action against these so-called deadbeats, I believe there are enough other ways to catch and punish these lawbreakers without forcing every hunter in Pennsylvania to reveal their Social Security number for the world to see.”


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