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Real Estate Transactions for Issue of 7/26/05


16th Ward

Pittsburgh City to Sonata Land Co. 1 at 81-83 Barry St. for $6,000.

Mark Roger Tranter to Kathleen Pascoe at 2319 Salisbury St. for $65,000.

17th Ward

First National Bank Pennsylvania to David Potter at 2428 18th St. S and 152 St. Paul St. for $10,000.

Margaret Pistorius to Joseph and Sabato Stile at 1720 St. Patrick St. for $120,000.

Robert Korshlak to Timothy and Janet Redman at 1913 St. Paul St. for $73,750.

18th Ward

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Matthew Doyle at 104 Chalfont St. for $3,000.

19th Ward

Bernard Jakicic to Paul and D Lynn Yeso at 566 Beaufort Ave. for $136,400.

Michael Golebiewski to Gertrude Fennell and Timothy Foglia at 600 Bellaire Ave. for $105,000.

Susan Brown to Scott Gabriel at 631 Bellaire Ave. for $35,000.

Susan Livingston trustee et al. to Paul Rubel at 725 Berkshire Ave. for $120,425.

Olive Ranee Tobert Prime to Centex Home Equity Co. LLC at 606 Berwin Ave. for $3,811 by sheriff's deed.

Wells Fargo Bank NA trustee to James Hawk at 1552 Dagmar Ave. for $44,200.

Dorothy Wroblewski Suppa to David and Michelle Dempsey at 1421 Kenberma Ave. for $71,900.

Michael Bello to Sophia Brivman at 2136 Lonergan Way for $94,900.

Alvin Barone Jr. to John Earley and Mary McGinley at 325 Maple Terrace for $143,000.

US Bank NA to Dee Ann Butchko and Judith Purcell at 954 Norwich Ave. for $42,000.

Donald Daugherty Jr. to Jeffrey Trebesh at 1237 Oakridge St. for $72,900.

Nancy Veri to Bankers Trust Co. California NA trustee at 2447 Plainview Ave. for $2,198 by sheriff's deed.

Theresa Kowalecki to Nicholas and Lynn Kowalecki at 525 Sweetbriar St. for $100,000.

Kathryn Reichenbach trustee to Chad Haley and Linda Anderson at 2514 Wedgemere St. for $81,000.

David Bowden to Sean Kelly at 452 William St. for $164,500.

Homecomings Financial Network Inc. to John Orth at 2081 Woodward Ave. for $13,000.

29th Ward

Jean Bost to David and Deneen Skalniak at 2360 Almont Ave. for $110,000.

Diane Radcliffe Feldman to Norma Hughes at 21 Becks Run Road for $12,500.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to George Fidurski at 1645 Mt. Joseph St. for $35,000.

National City Mortgage Inc. to Jerome and Susan Denk at 311 Parkfield St. for $54,000.

Housing & Urban Development to Keith Ronald Phillips at 115 Wynoka St. for $34,000.

Veterans Administration to John Wilk at 35 Wynoka St. for $54,000.

30th Ward

Chase Manhattan Bank USA NA to Homesales Inc. at 245 Alice St. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $81,962).

Homesales Inc. to Roja Investments LLC at 245 Alice St. for $40,101.

Housing & Urban Development to Michael Bazzone at 155 Knox Ave. for $19,000.

Estate of Ronald Edward Bailey to Douglas and Lauri Heidkamp at 323 Mathews Ave. for $14,000.

James Clark to Tamiko Kelly at 228 Moore Ave. for $7,500.

Mt. Oliver

Mike Frank Epitropoulos to Thomas and Betty Muehlbauer at 616 Otillia St. for $44,000.

Josephine Stackawitz to NAS Properties LLC at 454 William St. for $29,000.


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