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Real Estate Transactions for Issue of 6/28/05


16th Ward

Casimir Klimasauskas to Michelle Lynn Karcher at 414 Cathedral St. for $12,000.

Cliff Koethe to Michelle Smith at 515 Fisher St. for $78,000.

Dale Mojta to Suzanne Staab at 218 Goldbach St. for $38,000.

Brita Garger et al. to Brian Krivanek at 2333 Larkins Way for $160,000.

Sharon Koch Schwarzmiller to Lindsay and Timothy Wolfson at 2250 Mary St. 111 for $204,000.

Colleen Jones to Michael Jackson at 2411 Sarah St. for $147,900.

17th Ward

Tracy Ann Sherksnas to John Paul Bilodeau and Elizabeth Rode at 171 15th St. S 101 for $150,000.

Estate of John Karrenbauer to Kathleen Thiry at 1849 Arlington Ave. for $42,000.

Josephine Pasniewski to Karen Potts at 1118 Freyburg St. for $96,000.

David Duffy to Federal National Mortgage Assn. at 66 Pius St. 302 and 303 for $2,774 by sheriff's deed.

Iron & Glass Bank to Meredith Ibella and Adam Warhola at 66 Pius St. B1 for $73,000.

Cathryn Jackson Andrews to Selina Lai Ming Chow at 25 S. 16th St. for $217,400.

Mark Schutzeus to James Sobieralski at 1918 S. 18th St. for $107,000.

Bonita Herrera Harris to William Andrew Gadd et al. and Deborah Lynn Gadd at 1904 Shamokin St. for $45,000.

18th Ward

Terry Campbell to James Smith at 300 Chalfont St. for $6,950.

Margaret Sheridan to Shannon Mitchell at 47 Haberman Ave. for $25,000.

Claire Boehm to Allen Jackson at 220 Helen Way for $3,000 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $12,947) by sheriff's deed.

Mark Zafaras to Jeff Bonno at 100 Laclede St. for $92,756.

Marris Pritchard to Housing & Urban Development at 911 Manton Way for $5,006 by sheriff's deed.

Jason Jester to Federal National Mortgage Assn. at 633 McLain St. for $1,631 by sheriff's deed.

William Barnette Jr. to Edna Roach at Michigan St. for $2,000.

19th Ward

Harriet Stacey to Harriet Stacey and Tamara Lynn Ruggieri at 1531 Alverado Ave. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $30,977).

Brian Knowles to Daniel and Jane Terlion at 224 Augusta St. for $48,500.

Valerie Reitman to Darrell Daman et al. and Eric Keto at 147 Bigham St. for $146,000.

Anna Davison to Sanda Constantinidi and Vasile Gheorghiu at 2122 Boustead St. for $49,000.

Helen Firko to James Lyden at 1722 Broadway Ave. for $55,000.

Joseph Wieseckel to Todd Tylenda at 234 Cairo St. for $10,000.

Charles Gedeon to KPC at 1000 Grandview Ave. 1207 for $352,200.

Charles Gedeon to KPC at 1000 Grandview Ave. G75 for $5,000.

Stephanie Rocco to Linda Avila at 616 Hartranft St. for $108,900.

Audrey Antonucci to Charles and Diane Powell at 163 London Towne Drive for $140,500.

John Covel et al. to Kimberly Clemons at 2367 Los Angeles Ave. for $66,186.

Darrin Kenneally to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. trustee at 37 Norton St. for $4,607 by sheriff's deed.

Joseph Sciulli to Linda Sciulli at 165 Olympia St. for $90,000.

Gary McDermott to 1748 Pioneer Avenue L.P. at 1748 Pioneer Ave. for $40,000.

Alma Whitten to One Willow LLC at 180 Plymouth St. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $40,125).

Paul Burke to Joshua Logelin at 159 Ulysses St. for $118,350.

Dennis Liddle to Land Holding LLC at 1036 Woodbourne Ave. for $2,105 by sheriff's deed.

Eric Stewart to Lewis Weiher at 2446 Woodward Ave. for $135,000.

29th Ward

Alan Medvid to Barrett and Katie Henzel at 1525 Amanda Ave. for $51,000.

Patrick Bright to Thomas Tarka at 421 Birmingham Ave. for $77,500.

Ingeborg Zaremba to Ruthann Lynn Zielinski at 49 Clifton Blvd. for $79,000.

Walter Chapman Jr. to Sarah Scruby and Matthew Fleming at 1345 Denise St. for $76,000.

Estate of Alice Briar to Jennifer Darick at 334 Sprucewood St. for $59,900.

30th Ward

Robert Agurs to Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota NA trustee at 310 Jucunda St. for $3,734 by sheriff's deed.

Derrick Shedrick to Monica Smith at 432 Orchard Place for $60,000.

Mt. Oliver

Mary Louise Winkowski to Rita Malloy and Heather Mitchell at 519 Giffin Ave. for $54,500.

John Martin Nguyen to Angela Thuy Vu at 200 Moye Place for $15,000.

Estate of Dorothy Buchheit to Fudico West LLC at 118 Quincy St. for $8,000.

Virginia Bauer to Lisa Reichard at 920 Transverse Ave. for $71,300.


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