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Real Estate Transactions for Issue of 6/21/05


16th Ward

Kimberly Lancia to Action Wireless Network Inc. at 2840 Edwards Way for $19,000.

Barbara Snyder Schrader to Robert Kosht at 515 Laughlin Ave. for $58,300.

Daren Lewis to Melissa Polachek at 2215 Sarah St. for $372,000.

William Husser to Wayne Macklen at 1915 Waite St. for $35,000.

Quality Rentals to David and Rebecca Presser at 2121 Wharton St. for $159,000.

17th Ward

Fidelity Bank to 1009 East Carson Street Assoc. LLC at 1009 E. Carson St. for $135,000.

4 Traders Trust LLC to Andrew Savoia and Fiona Simpson Savoia at 1811 Mary St. for $102,900.

Richard Schoeb et al. to Richard Sears at 2632 Quarry St. for $40,273.

Salah Hussein to Kirk Smarsh at 2625 S. 18th Street Ext. for $17,000.

Laurel Swartzwelder to Larkan Berfield at 1909 St. Paul St. for $53,000.

18th Ward

Benedict Serratore to GMO Properties LLC at 200 Bailey Ave. for $170,000.

Selma Pitteroff estate et al. to National City Bank Pennsylvania at 519 Cedarhurst St. for $1,305 by sheriff's deed.

Iron & Glass Bank to Jerome McCree at 314 Chalfont St. for $6,000.

Caulis Negris LLC to Robert and Damisha Gethers at 77 Lafferty Ave. for $5,500.

Albert Ott Jr. to Dormayne Sharpe at 325 Millbridge St. for $80,000.

19th Ward

Damon Bruder to LaSalle National Bank trustee at 1337 Alverado Ave. for $6,436 by sheriff's deed.

LaSalle Bank National trustee to Christian Diaz at 1337 Alverado Ave. for $11,500.

Deborah Murphy Thompson to Land Holding LLC at 909 Bayridge Ave. for $1,706 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $62,060) by sheriff's deed.

Land Holding LLC to William Jones and Gary Raymond at 909 Bayridge Ave. for $40,250.

William VanKirk et al. to Derek and Joylynn Camp at 411 Belonda St. for $159,000.

Jeffrey Hoffmann to Constantine and Margarita Bouzos at 1301 Breining St. for $31,500.

Janet Cooper to Lawrence Titchworth at 812 Eathan Ave. for $55,120.

Lou Anne Hoffman to Homecomings Financial Network Inc. at 1844 Fallowfield Ave. for $1,616 by sheriff's deed.

Lorrie Gasparovich to Scott Kostley at 1404 Kenberma Ave. for $59,900.

Veterans Administration to Gary Walker Jr. and Leslie Walker at 1868 Kiralfy Ave. for $58,893.

Estate of Ruith Slinskey to John Scipio and Marisa Klemm at 1303 Merrick Ave. for $83,500.

Scott Harasty et al. to Sandra Oldynski at 1420 Orangewood Ave. for $51,900.

Estate of Doris Mountjoy to Emilee Russell at 227 Paul St. for $50,000.

Federal National Mortgage Assn. to Thomas Williams at 305 Paur St. for $23,000.

Steve Mihalchik to Christine Namiotka at 8 Penelope St. for $13,000.

Morequity Inc. to Julia Huff at 2706 Pioneer Ave. for $55,600.

Henry Piotrowski to JP Morgan Chase Bank trustee at 2947 Sussex Ave. for $1,558 by sheriff's deed.

Jeffrey Martin trustee to Steve Savor at 1 Trimont Lane 860D for $300,000.

Steve Savor to Jeffrey and Marilyn Martin trustee at 1 Trimont Lane 870D for $500,000.

George Fechter to Donna Anderson at 1 Trimont Lane 950C for $294,000.

Homecomings Financial Network Inc. to T Dymerski trustee at 2231 Vodeli St. for $26,000.

Dawnielle Larsen to Mark Louis and Susan Eileen Gruwell at 1916 Woodward Ave. for $80,000.

29th Ward

Richard VanTran to Suzanne Rupert at 115 Belplain St. for $89,000.

Estate of Kenneth Miller to Lawrence and Nancy Koscielniak at 550 Brinwood Ave. for $77,000.

Veterans Administration to Ralph and Deborah Bilski at 110 Carrick Ave. for $30,000.

Estate of Art Bishop Jr. to George Dailey at 18 Lacona St. for $24,000.

James Schuessler to National City Home Loan Services Inc. at 340 Parallel Ave. for $20,000 by sheriff's deed.

Laura Pieczynski to Robert and Michele Streb at 1900 Plateau St. for $50,000.

30th Ward

Greentree Consumer Discount Co. to Executive Home Trust at 216 Moore Ave. for $15,200.

Helen Killmeyer et al. to Lolita McCray and Maurice Johnson at 345 Suncrest St. for $58,000.

Mt. Oliver

James Reich to Thomas Leach at 513 Hervey St. for $49,500.

Thomas Crawford to Rayshawn Glenn at 208-210 Rustic St. for $57,000.


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