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Real Estate Transactions for Issue of 11/23/04


November 16, 2004

16th Ward

Barbara Milliern to Thomas Barry and Robert Similo at 2505 Arlington Ave. for $9,000.

Barbara Milliern to Thomas Barry and Robert Similo at 2509 Arlington Ave. for $36,250.

David Reichenecker Jr. to Karen Peter at 2250 Mary St. 213 for $215,000.

Gerald Petricca to Gedalya Koltanyuk at 2414 Mission St. for $20,000.

17th Ward

Robert Wilhelm estate et al. to Bala Condo LLC at 1902 18th St. S and 145 Pius St. for $32,000.

Carolyn Napier to Bank One NA trustee at 2500 Gable St. for $7,639 by sheriff's deed.

Slava Properties to Northside Bank at 106 S. Tenth St. for $4,401 by sheriff's deed.

Estate of Mary Golebieweski to Robert D'Orazio at 83 S. 11th St. for $50,000.

Jerry Oxyer to Stylianos Dokianakis at 14 S. 17th St. for $325,000.

Thomas Nee Jr. to Fernando and Elena Avolio at 1911 Shamokin St. for $72,000.

Estate of Gilford Vogel Jr. to Edward Schuerle at 3 St. Thomas St. rear for $30,000.

Terra Brozowski to Michael Babst at 1730 Wharton St. for $177,000.

18th Ward

Karen Fajerski Stofesky to Edward Elk Jr. and Linda Elk at 432 Bon Air Ave. for $64,000.

James Clark to Climax Street Trust at 42 Climax St. for $9,000.

Jack Lang to Ladrina Morgan at E. Warrington Ave. for $2,000.

19th Ward

David Dickinson to Elizabeth Keating at 816 Bayridge Ave. for $87,000.

Brian VonHedemann trustee et al. to Jeanette McCambridge at 2356 Bensonia Ave. for $20,000.

Christine Kirsopp to Household Finance Corp. at 1333 Berkshire Ave. for $1,379 by sheriff's deed.

Kevin Orie to Charles Odrechowski at 136 Bigham St. for $290,000.

Land Holding LLC to Michael and Stephen Braun at 1120 Brookline Blvd. for $122,956.

Regina Pauline Kessler to Land Holding LLC at 1120 Brookline Blvd. for $3,944 by sheriff's deed.

Stephen Poremski to David Horak at 1818 Fallowfield Ave. for $85,250.

Fred Just to Camille Rolla at 2126 Lonergan Way for $86,900.

John Garrick Jr. to Ronette Cooley at 1505 Wareman Ave. for $79,000.

29th Ward

William Hulley IV trustee to Frank Slampak at Brownsville Road for $24,500.

William Hulley IV trustee to Frank Slampak at 2213 Brownsville Road for $73,000.

Bankers Trust Co. California trustee to Cyril Peter at 2441 Brownsville Road for $29,900.

Estate of DeSales Heisler to Robert Bryden at 2046 Brownsville Road and Woodford Ave. for $68,000.

Edward Littlehale to Mark and Joan Deigan at 107 E. Agnew Ave. for $112,900.

Thomas Balestrieri et al. to David and Paula McClelland at 116 E. Meyers Ave. for $75,000.

Washington Mutual Bank to Nicholas Giordano at 2502 Edgar St. for $33,300.

Frank Donatelli Jr. to Joanne Krapp at 20 Minooka St. for $46,000.

Steven Starcich to G and Kimberly Schaeffer at 2221 Park Blvd. for $127,000.

Deborah Ann Smith to James Walters Jr. and Vivian Walters at 219 Poplargrove St. for $38,000.

Estate of James Romanosky to Mark and Raeanne Firewicz at 244 The Blvd. for $102,000.

30th Ward

Louis Supowitz trustee to Rodney Haynes and Kimberly Caton at 132 Charles St. for $45,000.

Mt. Oliver

Lawrence Paper to Sean and Gladys Marie Allen at 141-143 Brownsville Road for $140,000.

Wayne Dean to Citi Group Consumer Finance Inc. at 523 Brownsville Road for $3,723 by sheriff's deed.


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