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Steps needed for permit parking


November 16, 2004

Neighbors in South Side from 17th to 20th streets, Edwards to Jane, will soon have permit parking if approved by Pittsburgh City Council, the final step in the 12-step Residential Parking Permit Program designation process.

According to officials in the Pittsburgh's City Planning Department, those steps include:

Step 1: An initial request by a community group is referred to a senior planner for the city.

Step 2: The senior planner sets up small group meetings with community groups to review:

a. the perceived need

b. the proposed boundaries

c. explain the process of program implementation with delineation of community and city responsibilities

d. set up a coordinating committee.

Step 3: The senior planner and the coordinating committee do a windshield survey to determine if the area comes close to meeting two of the five mandatory impaction criteria (i.e., 75 percent of legal parking spaces are utilized and the area contains 100 parking spaces or ten block faces).

Step 4: A planning committee meeting is scheduled to review the survey results, discuss boundaries, petition process and to plan a community meeting.

Step 5: A community meeting is held to:

a. review the nature of the problem

b. review results of the windshield survey

c. set boundaries for a petition drive

d. explain the petition process and set time limits

e. recruit volunteers to gather petitions.

Step 6: the senior planner trains petition gatherers.

Step 7: The community has 90 days to gather petitions

Step 8: (50 percent mark) The senior planner may begin a survey to determine if the area meets all of the impaction criteria.

Step 9: Upon completion of the survey, the community must meet the 70 percent petition completion requirement for the designation process to continue.

Step 10: After the 70 percent petition requirement is met, a meeting is held with the community to determine the parking management plan.

Step 11: A public hearing is held for approval by the City Planning Commission.

Step 12: Approval by Pittsburgh City Council.


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