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Courtesy helps make good neighbors


I agree completely with the Letter to the Editor (Why can't South Siders just get along, Tuesday, May 13, 2003).

I feel that this sort of thing happens in all neighborhoods, not just in the South Side. I too think the biggest problems are limited parking on certain street and excessive noise and parties.

People definitely need to be more considerate of others, especially the elderly and those with babies and children of school age who need to be in bed early. Let's not forget those working people who get up very early every morning.

Most people are afraid to say anything to the offenders for fear of retaliation. Some do have the guts to speak up and they suffer the consequences. Certain offenders will be so inconsiderate as to keep up the noise, make it louder and last longer or later. They will even go so far as to have visitors use parking spaces they know they shouldn't.

Residents with more than one vehicle need to respect their neighbor's parking spaces in areas with limited parking.

Please think about these things. Get to know your neighbors in a good way. A simple wave, a little smile, or a “hello” can go a long way. Be friendly, be considerate, be respectful.

Bobbie Stiefvater



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