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Volunteers helped

I would like to extend thanks to all the Boy Scout, Cub Scout and Girl Scout troops and their scoutmaster and family members and all the volunteers who came out to help put flags on veterans’ grave at the South Side Cemetery on... — Updated 6/27/2022


No semi-automatic rifles

For what reason do we need semi-automatic and automatic rifles? These are military style weapons used to destroy the most people in the least amount of time and effort. With these weapons we are treating people as absentmindedly... — Updated 6/27/2022


Memorial Day committee appreciates the help

I would like to extend thanks to all the Boy Scout, Cub Scout and Girl Scout troops and their scoutmaster and family members and all the volunteers who came out to help put flags on veterans’ grave at the South Side Cemetery on... — Updated 6/14/2022


Former Mt. Oliver mayor says thanks

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mt. Oliver residents for allowing me to be mayor of Mt. Oliver. It has been my pleasure. From the very beginning, I made it known at borough meetings that I would be proactive in this... — Updated 1/12/2022


Roberta Smith was The Reporter

Roberta Smith was The Reporter.  Roberta made The Reporter a household necessity. Everything that you needed to know was in there. She attended every meeting ...everywhere...and reported on it. It became more important than the Pi... — Updated 9/30/2021


Area residents voices haven't been heard in Bon Air School decision

On May 27,2021, a meeting of the Bon Air community was held. In attendance were State Senator Wayne Fontana, State Representative Jessica Benham and Councilman Anthony Coghill. There was no one representing the Pittsburgh School... — Updated 8/18/2021


Why in Mt. Oliver?

We agreed, collectively, that the taxpayers of Mt. Oliver Borough and all residents should be made aware of the following issue: The transfer of the liquor license to 104 Brownsville Road. This 104 location has been nothing but a... — Updated 5/13/2021


A message from the South Side Chamber of Commerce

As neighbors looked from their windows and many heard on the news, the beautifully restored 150-year-old building that hosted the South Side Welcome Center, J's Master Barbershop,... — Updated 2/17/2021


A danger to our way of life

Businesses that do not serve alcohol without food are not breaking any laws at all, and should not be cited for this ridiculous order. Pandemic or no pandemic. They are already being hurt because of Covid and this could... — Updated 12/8/2020


Emerald View Park is alive

I reside on lower Arlington Avenue, where Mt. Washington, Allentown and South Side Slopes converge with the vast Emerald View Park. While the city is silent, Emerald View Park... — Updated 4/28/2020


Speed humps are working

We’ve had the speed humps on Grandview for a while now and I’m pleasantly surprised at how well they have worked to deter the attention-seeking drivers of loud and speeding vehicles. (If Mom & Dad had only paid more attention... — Updated 12/19/2019


It's not 'sour grapes'

In response to the Commentorial in The South Pittsburgh Reporter dated November 26, 2019, it was stated that myself and Mr. Viglione expressed “sour grapes.” The comment I had made was that the Borough of Mt. Oliver receives... — Updated 12/11/2019


We condemn the violence

On behalf of the South Pittsburgh Coalition for peace I sadly issue this official statement condemning the brutal murder of one of Pittsburgh’s finest police officers. On July 14, 2019 in the early morning hours, office-duty... — Updated 7/25/2019


Run, Hide, Fight.

I expected Tuesday evening’s audience at the Brashear Center on Sarah Street in the South Side to be much larger; however, those in attendance to hear Duquesne University’s Director of Security Tom Hart discuss how to respond... — Updated 7/8/2019


We need a bank

We, the residents of Carrick, would appreciate a small hometown-type bank to take over the abandoned former bank at 1817 Brownsville Road. And to sweeten this proposition, there is at least one upstairs apartment. The building is... — Updated 3/20/2019


City Council bills could make us safer

It is very encouraging that the Pittsburgh City Council is considering bills that could make us safer from violence committed with guns. These bills would ban assault rifles and some types of ammunition in the city and allow the... — Updated 1/2/2019


Not in my backyard

In The South Pittsburgh Reporter (Family Healing Center is being proposed for the former Mt. Oliver school building on Hays Avenue, October 23, 2018), CEO of Auberle Family Healing Center John Lydon made a few statements that I... — Updated 11/14/2018


Attend the zoning hearing

As a member of Council, I am encouraging all residents to attend the Zoning hearing, requested by Auberle Family Healing Center. The hearing will be held at the Boro Bldg, 105 Brownsville Rd, on November 20, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. At... — Updated 11/14/2018


Put it somewhere else

I would like to take this opportunity to inform the residents of the borough of the proposal made at the Sept. 10 Mt. Oliver Council agenda meeting. Action Housing, which promotes affordable housing, works in conjunction with a... — Updated 9/25/2018


Safety measures needed at 18th and Mary

Many of you are already aware of a number of planned safety measures coming to the South Side Flats to calm traffic and improve safety for pedestrians. East Carson Street, in a... — Updated 9/25/2018


Panhandling on Carson

A Sunday walk on E. Carson St. on a sunny afternoon should be a pleasant experience. However, it is less pleasant when one is being asked for money by panhandlers. The 1700 block to the 1900 block of Carson seems to be a “hot... — Updated 8/20/2018


Still no RPP enforcement!

Five years and still no enforcement! “In addition to enforcing all RPP (Residential Permit Parking) and visitor’s pass violations the parking authority will also be enforcing all parking violations at the same time, which is st... — Updated 7/18/2018


Clean air for our children

With the end of the school year quickly approaching, it is time we turn our attention to the safety of our children and the air they are breathing. Currently, Allegheny County is tied at eighth in the country for worst metro air... — Updated 6/15/2018


Kudos to Mt. Oliver

This letter is to acknowledge those in Mt. Oliver from the mayor all the way down the line to all the first responders. All too often Mt. Oliver gets attention for all the wrong reasons. But I can tell you from experience when a... — Updated 5/16/2018


St. Patrick's Day was safer with city preparation

Here in the City of Pittsburgh mid-March marks the conclusion of the cold winter months and the welcome beginning of the spring season— for many it also means the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day and the nationally famous... — Updated 3/28/2018


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