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Sour grapes is unsightly

At last week's Mt. Oliver Borough Council meeting Councilman Nick Viglione and Mayor Frank Bernardini expressed sour grapes at the success of a neighboring community. In... — Updated 11/28/2019


Kraus for District 3

In the upcoming District 3 City Council election three candidates are vying for the seat: the incumbent Bruce A. Kraus; his former chief of staff, Ken Wolfe; and, Chris Kumanchik. Over the course of the campaign for the District 3... — Updated 5/15/2019


Support for Auberle

Say a company with a good reputation providing an needed service wanted to open a location in the community. This company was going to take over an underutilized building, renovate it, and bring in or hire locally enough employees... — Updated 12/13/2018


Family Healing Center will be good for borough

There are few homes on the Hilltop that haven’t been touched by drugs with a son, daughter, brother, sister, mother, father or friend. Drug addiction can be particularly tough on a family with young children. Auberle is... — Updated 11/12/2018


Bring back the trolley in Allentown, maybe not

Back when I was a student living in Allentown I took the trolley everyday to Point Park College. Back then we called it a trolley or a streetcar, not a light rail vehicle. A short walk to the corner of Arlington and Warrington... — Updated 8/29/2018


No stop on the Hilltop

The Port Authority began detouring all inbound light rail traffic and bus traffic from the South Hills Junction along Warrington and Arlington avenues on October 3 and will continue through October 22 while track is being replaced... — Updated 10/3/2016


Peduto for Mayor

South Pittsburghers, along with the rest of the city, have an opportunity they haven’t had since 2005: to choose a new mayor without having a sitting mayor in the race. Along with having to decide which of the four Democratic... — Updated 5/13/2013


Rudiak for Council

Natalia Rudiak has earned the privilege of having the opportunity to be on the ballot in the November General Election on the Democratic ticket. Over the last four years she has demonstrated an ability to bring an intelligent... — Updated 5/13/2013


Two many in one block?

Recent developments in the council of Mount Michener should give the subjects pause to reflect on what has happened in their little fiefdom on the hill. In recent months, Council President Billie Michener and her band of followers... — Updated 5/9/2013


‘Midnight' reorganization not the boro's best day

Otto von Bismark once said, “Laws are like sausage, it is better not to see them made.” Although law wasn't made, certainly history was made in a like manner last week at the Mount Oliver Borough Council meeting. The March... — Updated 11/9/2012


More laws aren't the answer to bar problems

If at first you don't succeed, try try again. Today, Councilman Jeff Koch is expected to present the latest version of his “bar legislation” to City Council. This time, although he has his numbers correct, he is still... — Updated 11/9/2012


Bar legislation is only the first step

 — Updated 11/9/2012


Rules should be followed

 — Updated 11/9/2012


No corrals on Carson

 — Updated 11/9/2012


The process works

Companies planning to locate or develop property on the South Side should take notice of events of the last month in the neighborhood. Twice in the last month Councilman Bruce A. Kraus called special town meetings to allow... — Updated 11/9/2012


Police envy

 — Updated 11/9/2012


Editor's Note

 — Updated 11/9/2012


Pius speed a problem

 — Updated 11/9/2012


Fitzgerald in county

 — Updated 11/9/2012


Don't forget to vote

Today is Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2011. Voter turn out is expected to be low because of the off-year election, but there are still important choices to be made. This year, Allegheny County voters will elect a new Chief Execut... — Updated 11/9/2012


Respect the process

South Side and South Siders are often looked at with envy by people in other neighborhoods throughout the city. The rest of the city is now looking at South Side to see how it handles the process of exploring a Neighborhood... — Updated 11/9/2012


Things have changed

 — Updated 11/9/2012


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