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Save Oliver Bath House

I am strongly opposed to any sale of the Oliver Pool and Bath House to private interests. This heavily used facility is one of the unique features of Pittsburgh. Along with many who use the pool on a regular basis, I contest the... — Updated 11/21/2017


Plan eliminates parking

My husband and I attended the meeting on September 19 for the update of the 21st Street water conservation project, which will directly affect us. We did attend the first meeting that offered the choice of four models. After leavin... — Updated 10/12/2017


Remember before voting

With the election just around the corner, ask yourself what have they done for us lately. Still no real residential permit parking enforcement. Just now went visual (LPR) License Plate Recognition Technology. How can a vehicle... — Updated 9/14/2017


Here's the problem

Here’s what’s going on at SouthSide Works. The owners think this is becoming a wealthy side of town. Wrong! Most of the area, near and far, around the SouthSide Works are middle class, low middle class and low income. The... — Updated 7/20/2017


What's going on at SSW

Will the last person to visit SouthSide Works (SSW) please turn off the lights? What is going on with that place? There are far too many empty retail stores. Each time one visits it seems another store closes. The place is... — Updated 6/29/2017


Expungement Day was a start, more work to do

As you may know, many of our residents here in the City of Pittsburgh took advantage of “Expungement Day” on Monday, Nov. 14. This was possible because of Act 5 of 2016, legislation I was proud to support earlier this year.... — Updated 11/21/2016


Thanks to Mt. O. police

I manage 70+ rental units between Mt. Oliver and the Carrick area. I also personally own a business right on the border. I’m in the city, across the street from Mt. Oliver. The police often get bad raps when they have a very... — Updated 11/21/2016


Our voices were heard in design of library

I’ll admit that as a walked toward the Carrick Library Meeting on that Thursday in September my mind was more focused on if I was going to beat the forecasted rain and pick-up the couch I had bought on Craigslist. I made... — Updated 11/8/2016


Exciting time for the library

I want to thank the Carrick community for their dedication, patience and insight into the upcoming renovation of our library building. It is an exciting time for Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh – Carrick. There is a new buzz... — Updated 11/8/2016


Disappointed in library choice

I was distressed to read of the decision to rebuild the Carrick branch of the Carnegie library in its existing location (Carrick Library will be all new from the bottom up, October 10, 2016). After talking with other residents who... — Updated 10/24/2016


Don't compare us to Lawrenceville

I am writing in response to some quotes in last week’s article “Residents get to talk directly with Zone 3 Commander about issues” (South Pittsburgh Reporter, Oct. 4, 2016) I have to disagree with the quote, “the Hilltop... — Updated 10/10/2016


No stop on the Hilltop

The Port Authority began detouring all inbound light rail traffic and bus traffic from the South Hills Junction along Warrington and Arlington avenues on October 3 and will continue through October 22 while track is being replaced... — Updated 10/3/2016


Set the record straight

I am writing regarding an article which you published on August 9, 2016, Vol. 77 No 6 entitled “Joint Legislative Hearing focuses on eradicating blight.” This article suggest that our group, the Tri-COG Land Bank, had received... — Updated 9/13/2016


The process in South Side was started, but is broken

I am writing in response to Council President Bruce Kraus’ opinion letter published in the South Pittsburgh Reporter on February 23, 2016 (S.S. provided input). Councilman Kraus promised our city a holistic, honest, and open... — Updated 3/7/2016


South Siders provided input

Planning Forum members, joining your conversation that took place at the February 9 meeting of the South Side Planning Forum regarding the newly confirmed Parking Enhancement District legislation and the creation of a Zone 3... — Updated 2/22/2016


Build us a parking garage

One thing conspicuously absent from this dialogue about parking on South Side is a parking garage. It’s so obvious a solution. In the July 8, 2014, South Pittsburgh Reporter (New RPP zone will extend permit parking to 29th St.,... — Updated 12/21/2015


Permit parking just a rumor

No rumor to that parking permit Convenient and Safe: How come a visitor’s pass is being used three blocks away from the resident that it is intended for is, that convenient? Being used more than three days a month, actually like... — Updated 11/30/2015


Permit parking in S.S.

The Residential Permit Parking program was created as a way for citizens to take control of congested residential streets and ensure that actual property owners have a convenient and safe place to park in their neighborhoods. It... — Updated 11/23/2015


Other ethnic churches

While I can empathize with Atty. Joseph Bielecki re: the fading of the Polish Community (South Side’s Polish community fading, South Pittsburgh Reporter, Nov. 17, 2015), such is also the case with many of the other ethnic... — Updated 11/23/2015


What parking enforcement

Permit parking in South Side’s KK area was to begin Aug. 1, but unfortunately the signs were not put up until late October. The enforcement was to begin Nov.9. The first day of enforcement someone received a ticket and called... — Updated 11/16/2015


Isn't it a shame

What a shame residents on Sarah Street go to lengths to maintain their properties and some drunks have to destroy it: smashing plants and tossing trash cans on the road. How would they like it if Sarah Street residents wen to... — Updated 10/19/2015


We don't need the farm

We do not need any farms in the city. If that is the kind of life you want, then to move to the country. In the article of Oct. 6, 2015 (Flagpole, urban farm moving forward in Mt. O. City) it talks about 60 new homes and 60... — Updated 10/12/2015


Hose them down

I guess you could call this Letter to the Editor, “Instant crowd control.” It was a shame to close the St. Basil’s Parish Festival because of a bunch of unruly kids. I wonder why the fire department, just down the street,... — Updated 8/10/2015


Now a giant garage sale

The first annual South Side Food, Art & Sidewalk Festival was organized to cast a positive light on East Carson Street. Let’s follow that family friendly event with a bigger one. How about a first annual South Side’s Great... — Updated 7/13/2015


Thanks Public Works

Thanks to the Public Works Dept. for cleaning up Sarah Street. They did a great job. Now I can finally sit out in front of my house without sneezing from the dirt. I hope they keep it up all summer. The two-hour permit parking... — Updated 6/8/2015


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