Photos from: When Tony Pankowski went to camp

OCT- 49 It's from October, 1949, taken by my uncle in our front yard.  That would have been at the end of my folk's first summer at Brashear Camp. The pony was called Calico.  I was always told he belonged to us, not Brashear.  Although, up until they started renting horses, he was used as a camper activity. The kids sitting on him are my cousins.  My aunt is behind them.  Mom is over Dad's right shoulder.  As best as I can tell, the man she's talking with is Frank Young.  He was one of the carpenters who helped to build our house. Sometime in the late 50's, the pony was retired to West View Park where he spent the remainder of his life in their pony ride stable. Every time we went to the school picnic, Calico fought his way to the fence to greet us.  It didn't matter to him if he had a kid on his back.  He found a way to get to his original family.

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