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Josephine turn barred


The intersection of Josephine and 18th streets in South Side have something new for motorists to be aware of: new no left turn signs from Josephine onto 18th Street. Drivers are now required to turn right on 18th and head toward the South Side Flats when approaching from Josephine Street.

When my neighbor told me there are now no left turn traffic signs where Josephine St. meets 18th St. on the South Side, I thought he was kidding. He wasn't.

He even drove me there to see the new signs the city put up: three no left turn signs and one right turn only sign. Drivers are so used to making that left turn these many years, that every single vehicle behind us --including school busses -- still turned left oblivious to the new traffic signs.

Instead of no left turn signs at this convenient intersection, why not signs that read: Left Turn With Caution. But in the meantime, be on alert for the traffic police.

John Shatlan

South Side


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