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We understand the problem


We understand how the residents of Grandview Ave. feel (Grandview traffic problems will garner extra police attention, SPR July 22, 2014). My husband and I moved to Pius Street on the South Side Slopes in 1998.

At that time, Pius Street was two ways, with cars parked on one side, at least halfway onto the sidewalk because of the heavy volume of traffic going in both directions. We, along with our guests and other residents, often lost side view mirrors because the street is very narrow.

A few years later, at the request of residents, Pius Street became one way. At that time, a stop sign was removed from the crosswalk at Yard Way and never replaced. While we no longer have to park on the sidewalk, the traffic is still very heavy, since commuters use Pius Street as a way to avoid Carson Street.

Over time, the cars, trucks, and even school buses have continually violated the posted speed of 25 mph. at ever-increasing speeds. The street has become very dangerous. We and our neighbors have often expressed our concern for our safety as we enter and exit our cars.

Starting in 2010, both my husband and I have notified 311 numerous times about the speeding. During the last local elections, we attended a meeting of the South Side Slopes Neighborhood Association, where Bruce Kraus entertained questions. I told him about our speeding problem, and he simply said, “Keep calling 311.”

We were speechless. But we have continued to do what Councilman Kraus suggested. We have been told the street would be monitored, but we see no evidence that monitoring has occurred.

When we have asked that the stop sign be reinstalled at Yard Way, we have been told that a stop sign cannot be used to slow traffic. Yet we know the “Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices,” Section 2B.05 STOP sign Applications, clearly indicates a stop sign can be used where speeding is a problem.

There are children and elderly residents on Pius Street. There are many cars parked on the street, with people getting in and out of them throughout the day. In the Grandview Ave. article, Councilwoman Theresa Kail-Smith is quoted as saying a stop sign was placed at Bigham St. after an accident at that intersection.

Is that really what we need to wait for - an accident? Shouldn’t prevention be the goal? Each of our 20 plus pleas to 311 and Bruce Kraus’ office have received a response that indicates something would be done. We even sent a letter to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Yet nothing has changed.

Perhaps Mr. Kraus, or Traffic Engineer Amanda Broadwater, or Mayor William Peduto would like to come for coffee during morning rush hour and sit with us at our front window to observe the accident-waiting-to-happen.

Fran and Joe Tarkett

South Side Slopes


Reader Comments

SouthSideJamie writes:

I have been in other cities where they use a traffic control device called a 'speed table' to keep speed down in residential areas. Perhaps you could explore this.


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